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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


From the time I was young, I heard about the big spender!

He was the good time daddy who had a following of those who fed his ego, and he responded with gifts galore.

He was declared to be “the “man of distinction who had all the answers to the “give me” questions. He was the man in control and all other men were secondary for they didn’t have the suave persona of the big spender.

There have been many who coveted the title of the biggest “Big spender” of all, and the battle goes on to see who will be the all time champ.

The followers of the big spender are characterized by always having their hand out for a hand out. They, because they have idolized him think they have the right to demand more and more freebies from him.

There are big spenders everywhere. They fly into Vegas and spend one hundred thousand dollars in one night. Bill and Hillary Clinton spent three and one half million on Chelsea’s wedding of course that is a drop in the bucket for they have made one hundred and fifty million since leaving office.

Billionaire steel-magnate Lakshmi Mittal, the richest man in India spent sixty million dollars on his daughter's wedding.

George Bush got into the running by spending hundreds of billions of American money by starting a couple of wars.

And now we come to the new champ who has topped them all. He in two years has spent trillions, so much that no one can calculate what the amount is. He has the largest following of them all who sing his praise. He believes he has unlimited resources and spends like it.

He is the champion of the forty percent of Americans that do not contribute anything the treasury. His bank account is their bank account and they draw on it freely.

Most people stand in awe of this big spender, the master of all the wizards of finance that can create wealth with a printing press. What ever faults he may have they pale to the point of disappearing by his generosity.

Let us all bow our heads for there is a king in our midst, let us pay homage to the king of all big spenders. Barack Obama.

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