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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, November 18, 2010


The new regulations imposed by “Cop a feel for me” Obama, are more intrusive than just allowing strangers to feel the bodies of everyone who flies it is a process that has been going on since the sixties.

What is being attacked is the WILL of the people to resist government intrusion into their life.

The freedom of all Americans is at stake, and no matter which party is in office, the unrelenting pressure is breaking the will to resist the onslaught of power exerted against the constitutional rights of Americans.

There are no limits as to how far these fiends will go.

Bill Clinton used the army against Americans in Waco Texas. FBI agents, backed by “observers” from the US Army’s secret Delta Force commando unit, attacked the house occupied by the followers of the religious sect after a 51-day siege. The combat-equipped agents used tanks to punch holes into the structure and then pump in tear gas. A fire that quickly swept through the compound killed most of victims, but a number were shot to death.

More than six years after the massacre, however, the FBI was forced to admit that it had indeed used explosive munitions capable of starting the fire. This statement was drafted in the immediate aftermath of the violent siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas that took the lives of at least 80 people, 21 of them children.

Who among us can stand up against the force of the military when they are sent forth by the President?

Do you think that Obama would hesitate for one minute to do the same in order to force his will upon the nation?

Virtually every regulation passed by rulers of this country is designed to enslave this nation to some degree.

When prisoners are taken, one of the methods to psychologically disarm them is to strip them of their clothes and exercise control of them by force, making them to yield to the will of their captors.

This method of search and seizure is just one step back from that process. This is part of the training that is necessary to make the people submit to the ruling parties without mental reservations.

Who would have thought five years ago that you would have to submit to having someone run their hands all over your body, and to have your children’s genital areas felt under the guise of protecting us from terrorists.

The American people need protection from the political leaders of this country far more than from some few terrorists.  This is what the big deal is about.

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