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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, November 1, 2010


As I’m writing this it is still October and the Christmas catalogs have just arrived.

Every thing is for sale! Glitzy ads are the norm, and its buy now or miss out on these great (ha ha ha) prices.

It would seem that 50% of the American economy is based on man made holidays.

As a lesser intelligent being whose forte is naiveté one might think that the holidays are for the purpose of the stated reason instead of the enriching of the merchandising world.

New years day, Presidents day, Valentines day, May day, Fourth of July, Labor day, Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, Hanukah, the Muslim holidays, Kids day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Grandparents day, Bosses’ day, Secretary’s day, Earth day, Martin Luther King day, Columbus day; and then comes the weeks and months of recognition for groups like black history month and April 15 tax day.

This is just to name a few and there are new ideas for more special days in the works.

What about Uncle and Auntie day, Cousin day, Adopted kids day, Divorce day, Death day, Debt day (where all debts are forgiven and paid for by Uncle Sam), Fast Food day, Wal-Mart day, Fireman’s and Policeman’s day, Union bosses’ day, Politicians day; and oh, soooo much more.

And there are many worthy things that need to be recognized like DOG days, CAT days, RAT days and Hat days.

If we can establish all these days as national holidays then no one will have to work for every day will be a holiday with pay.

It looks like, if we banned all these days, our economy would fall apart for we are dependent upon this boost in our national product to keep us afloat.

I submit that if we set aside all these holidays, we would be none the less for it, except in the area of economics.

Should we include Christmas in this holiday dismissal?

Well when properly understood the Christian celebrates the CHRIST day every day of the year and does not need to reduce the celebration to only one day a year.
Since this is “Think it over day,” - - perhaps we can figure it out.

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