New FREE e-book: The Old Man and the Widow

New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, November 25, 2010


For those who have experience the transformation that the new birth brings, Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect on reasons for giving thanks to GOD.

We give thanks for the old ones who have gone on to meet their maker for without them we would not be here.

They gave us life and their culture that caused us to be what we are. The very fact that we are here reminds us we owe them our thanks.

We give thanks for everything that pertains to our life. The experience of growing up, brought new things of interest every day.

Even the boring times which we all have had, conditioned us for enjoying the exciting adventures of life. I’m thankful for life with its struggles for that is far better than not to have had a life at all.

We further are thankful for the younger generation who will carry on after we are gone. Some are now growing up and many are yet to be born. We precede their appearance with prayer and thanksgiving for them all the days of their life.

We give thanks for the gathering of family and friends and a day of feasting.

For all this and more we simply give our thanks unto GOD.

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