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Monday, May 20, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 47

Honey Moon in San Francisco
When we returned to the hotel that evening we found my sister Marly waiting for us, so I got her a room for the night.

Marly had never been to San Francisco so she wanted to go with us. She teasingly said, “I will see to it that you have some privacy big brother so don't worry.”
I smiled and said, “I haven't got the slightest idea what you are talking about.”  Mille said, “You two cut it out, you're embarrassing me.”

We left early the next morning for the air port and arrived at the hotel St. Mark in San Francisco by midmorning.

We each had our own agenda. The girls wanted to go shopping while I wanted to explore the public transportation system.

They were several kinds of transportation: the first was a street car down to the Key System train that went across the Bay Bridge. I got on it and rode it to the end of the line in Oakland.

Then I rode a street car and got off at Lake Merritt, and walked around the lake or at least part of it.

It was just a few blocks to the downtown area so I walked to Broadway and then down to Jack London Square.

Next to that was Oakland's China Town where I had lunch. I caught the Key System train back to San Francisco and walked up Broadway.

There I saw some strange sights in the form of people. They were parading up and down the streets. They were stranger than the revelers at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  

Some were to be pitied and others looked mean. There were others who came across as someone who was half out of their mind.

By this time it was getting late and I promised the girls I would meet them at Fisherman's Wharf for our evening meal. I found the cable car that went to the Wharf and boarded it.

Going up and down those steep hills was exciting and I hated having to get off, but I needed to find the girls.

I didn't see them so I watched the fishing boats come in with their loads and it reminded me of the gulf and the fishermen there.

The seals were there begging for fish but the fisher men ignored them for the most part.

Finally I spotted the girls and said you are late as usual. Mille said, “Hush my pretty man.” and I thought she is as bad as Marly, and I never noticed it before.  I could see she was going to have her way with me.

We walked along and looked at the crab pots boiling and all kinds of sea food for sale. Marly said, “We have been walking all day let's find a good restaurant and sit down to eat.”

I saw a taxi and I asked him, “Where is there a good place to eat?”  He recommended an Italian place so we got in and away we went.

The food was okay, but the only thing special was the price, it was over priced, and the waiters looked as if they were just off the boat.

After eating we caught another cab, and returned to the St. Mark.

Marly said she was tired and would see us tomorrow and not to do anything she wouldn't do. I told her that knowing her that would be impossible.

Mille said they had fun and she wanted to show me what she had bought and wanted to try them on in case she wanted to return then tomorrow.

I said. “Nothing doing, if you bought it you are going to keep it for we are going sight seeing tomorrow.”

She said, “Well alright it's your money and you can spend it as you like.”

I could see I was losing that argument, and it was better to lose than to start the evening with her in a bad mood and having to sweet talk her half the night.  
After all this was our "Honeymoon." 

Oh Lawd!  
To be Continued

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