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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 45

Beautiful Bride
courtesy free clip art
Being up late and with a stressful day ahead, I slept in until Eight thirty when there was a pounding on my door.

When I opened it there was the crew from the pier's restaurant, Noonan, Abdul and Paddy all shouting; “We're here to dress the groom.”

After several choruses of that I told them to go down to the restaurant and go in the back door to the kitchen and cook themselves some breakfast.

By the time I got there they had cooked enough for the whole bridal party most of which wouldn't be coming to the restaurant at all until after the wedding.

I knew I had to occupy them with something or I wouldn't get anything done that was needful. The banquet room needed to be set up, so I told them to get it done even though I had people to do it.

I doubled checked on everything including the train compartment for our trip out West. I made sure our reservations at the Bel Air hotel in Bel Air California were set leaving nothing to chance.

Neither Mille nor I had ever been to California and were looking forward to the trip.

Many stars and other Hollywood personalities ate at my restaurant, and I made sure they were treated well.  Several said to contact them if I ever ventured west and they would see to it that I was taken care of.

With all my duties taken care of it was time for me to get dressed and get to the church.

My Pa had agreed to stand up as my best man and Mille's mother was Matron of honor. Some thought it strange to do that, but when it came down to it Pa was the best man in my life, and I owed so much to him.

Needless to say Mille felt the same way about her mother, who had been her nurturer as well as her friend, and taught her to be the fine young lady she was.

When I arrived, Pa, Noonan, Abdul and Paddy were waiting.

Pa and I went into an ante room counting down the minutes until our cue.

From the time I got up this morning until now the whole thing seemed unreal yet here I was going to be a husband in just a few minutes.

Then the call came! I felt like Lazarus being called forth from the grave as I followed the minister out to the altar and stood in line.

The wait seemed like two days until the organ struck up, "Here comes the bride" and sure enough there she was.

I was thinking, “Here we are the bride and groom; a few minutes later we shall be no more.  In our place will be the husband and wife; a term than doesn't generally incite as much excitement as the former.”

With Pa standing beside me as my best man and Mille's mother as matron of honor, all we needed was for Mille to walk down the aisle with her father and the ceremony would begin.

The music started and played all the way through and there was no bride.

It started again and was about half way through when someone yelled, "She's a coming."
The music stopped and started again, and then the bride made her entrance. Slowly she and her father made their way down the aisle and she took her place next to me.

The minister made much of the wedding ceremony and finally got to the part where we made vows to each other ending with the familiar, “Do you take this woman and do you take this man.”  

Of course the answer was a resounding yes, I do - - and yes, I do.

In the back ground the pier crew repeated yes they do!
Courtesy Free Clip Art
As we stepped out into the vestibule I noticed Mille was limping, and she told me she had broke a heel off her shoe as they came up the stairs to the church and that was why the delay.

When we decided it couldn't be fixed we just came on for I wasn't going to miss my own wedding.

Taking the other shoe I broke of the heel so she didn't have to hop up and down.

Her mom went and got her another pair of shoes for she couldn't have danced in those.

The minister said, “What’s a wedding if something didn't go wrong?”

I smiled at that but while I was standing up there with him waiting for Mille to make her appearance it wasn't so funny.

Thoughts had run through my mind that she might have got cold feet and wasn't coming.

Oh Lawd!

To be Continued

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