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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 38

War Casualties
During the next two weeks I renewed old acquaintances with people I knew. In particular I wanted to see O'Malley for he was special to me.

As I went down the list of old friends, and asked about them, he told me of many who came back in a box, and they are no longer with us.

They were many who I went to school with, and in my mind's eye I could see them in their seats in front or across from me, and thoughts were of both the disagreements, and fun we had together.

Some classmates ahead of me and were older, died in the war.  They were just getting started in life a few having recently gotten married.
Many never came home
Then there were a couple of girls who went in the service, and didn't make it back.

Seemed like every day someone else's name would come up, and I would hope there would be no more, and feared that there would be others.

My days there were not all sad, for I enjoyed just being home. Paddy finally got me down to the gym, and taught me a couple of new moves that I didn't enjoy.

Of course Ma wanted to know about the girls, and their new husbands. I hadn't really been around their guys all that much so I made up parts of the story.  I didn't think it mattered as long as it sounded good.

Then something I knew was going to eventually come up.  When the guys and Ma got me alone they asked me about my love life.

This was something I didn't want to get into, but I knew that I would have to satisfy their curiosity, so I took what to me had been a dull period in my life and tailored my story for each one I was speaking to.

For Ma it was all kisses and hugging. To the guys it had to be spicy, and I laid it on a bit. In any case the stories satisfied all parties and I was glad to get that behind me.

I contacted the owner of the restaurant in New Orleans where I had been so rudely told to show up for training in the service.

He wanted me to come back to work immediately, but I told him it would be a few days before I would be there.

Finally I had done everything and seen everybody I wanted to so I caught the bus for New Orleans, and upon arrival I was met by the restaurant owner.

He was excited to show me the changes he had made while I was gone.

Looking up and down the street I could see things were pretty much as it was when I left. The music could be heard filtering out from the bars, and the smell of the spirits being spilled or regurgitated in the gutters was about the same.

As I ventured into the establishment, surprisingly the decor had been improved.  There were new menus but the dishes were about the same as when I left.  He took me into the garden area where I had my flat, and he said this was still my home if I wanted it.

I said, “It looks like someone is living here.”  He said. “They will be out before night fall, and tomorrow everything will be made like new.”

I started to protest saying, “I didn't want to kick some one out,” and he assured me they were leaving one way or another anyway.

He said I could stay in a hotel for a couple of days, and then move in after he brought in some new furniture.  
Maid courtesy
free clip art
He also told me there was a maid who would clean, and make up the bed so I would be able to use my time for the restaurant instead doing menial things.

I was a little overwhelmed by what I saw.  
I needed a job - - I had one.
I needed a home - - I had one.  
Everything I could ask for was mine if I wanted it.

There was only one thing left and that was to discover what my duties were expected to be.

As it was laid out, the schedule was a full one, but wasn't half of what I had to do in D.C.      
Oh Lawd!   
To be Continued     

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