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Sunday, May 19, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 46

Wedding Day
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I must say I was relieved to get to the wedding reception where everyone was seated and waiting. The minister said the blessing over the food and the evening occasion.  He then invited everyone to help themselves to the buffet and eat before the program was commenced.

Mille and I went from table to table and greeted everyone after which my Pa and Ma said a few words and Mille's folks teased her a little.

After every one had eaten to their fill the tables were quickly removed just leaving the chairs for seating and the dance floor was opened as the band played different kinds of music so everyone could dance to something they liked during thee evening.

Since we had a train to catch Mille and I slipped out, changed into some street clothes and headed to the depot.  Once boarded we finally relaxed and looked at each other without saying anything for a while.

I thought I guess society knows best but I would have just as soon captured her and taken her back to my cave and lived happily ever after.

We had two adjoining compartments so the porter came and made up one of them for sleeping and left the other for relaxing. We laughed about spending our wedding night on a train instead of a nice hotel but we had a lot of plans of things to do.

Mille said, I want to get refreshed and change into something comfortable for it will be a long night. I said that sound like a good idea so we each took a bathroom and prepared for the evening.

There was one thing we had not discussed. Every time I wanted to bring the subject up some one or something would interfere.  While we had accepted each other on the basis of what you see is what you get, but there was this lingering question on whether there had been any previous sexual experience.

At this time I considered it a moot point for it was what it was.

Should the question have been asked after the honey moon the answer would be, "Yes quite a bit."  Beyond that I can only say, I was pleasantly surprised.

After two days traveling by train we arrived in Los Angeles and went directly to the Bel Air hotel where we were going to stay.

Many personalities were staying there from many occupations. This included several movie stars, directors, producers, as well as politicians and just plain rich people.

The next day we were to meet a producer we knew who was going to take us to the largest movie studio and show us around.

That evening we met a couple of stars who had eaten at my restaurant in New Orleans and they tried to convince me to move to L.A. and start a restaurant but I declined saying the ambience of the French Quarter is something I couldn't do without for it inspires my cooking.

We visited the major studio and were allowed to watch the filming of a musical number. The energy and talent was amazing.

After seeing Mille, the Director wanted to give her a screen test, but she declined.  I told her it might have been a good experience and something she could have told back in New Orleans.

She said she wasn't interested, first because as a child she had appeared on stage in New York, and got to know several of the top actors, and they weren't happy. The struggle and the stress of staying on top took all the pleasure out of it.

She said I'm perfectly happy as I am so why make myself unhappy. That was the end of that discussion.  I just didn't want her thinking, year’s later she could have been a star if I hadn't held her back.

During the week we went to as many of the tourist sights as we could fit in. Knott's Berry Farm was one of the highlights of our travels. Their dinner wasn't that great but the rhubarb pie was very tasty.

I thought that is something I would like to put on our menu after I had perfected it.

Oh Lawd             
To be Continued  

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