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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, May 31, 2013

MILKSOP Chapter 2

Aggie had been trained in Martial Arts
When entering high school most of Archie's classmates were sent to the same school as he was. 
They were also joined with kids from some other elementary schools. This more than doubled the number of students he had to deal with.

The kids that didn't know him right off, started to make fun of him saying things like; “Go back to kindergarten,” and other unkind remarks.

There was a new girl who had just moved there from another state, and no one knew her as of yet.  

When she first arrived the kids stared at her, because she was almost six foot tall and weighed close to two hundred pounds.

She had been raised on military bases for most of her life, and at the age of four, her parents had enrolled her in Martial Arts. 

Her father had been a Marine for twenty years, and served overseas most of that time.

While enrolling in this new school, she spotted Archie and noticed that big kids were pushing him around.  
She moved over next to him, and putting her arm on his shoulder, she then stared at those who were bullying him and loudly said, "There will be no more of that."

Archie looked up and saw this girl who stood a foot taller than him, and out weighed him by a hundred pounds or more.  

Her arm was heavy on his shoulder, but he didn't dare try to remove it for fear he would be out of the frying pan, and into the fire, because she looked big and fierce to him.

They turned in their enrollment papers and were given their room assignments.  She said, “My name is Agnes but I prefer to be called Aggie.”  He said, “Glad to meet you; my name is Archibald but I like Archie best.”

She said, “Well Archie you and I are going to be great friends.” 

After the first class Agnes overheard some kids talking about her and Archie, calling them freaks.   

She went straight over to them and asked, “Which one of you said freaks?”

After a moment of silence one of the male twelfth graders spoke up and said, “It was me  - - so what?”   
She stepped up to him and with two fingers struck him in the throat.  It took a while for the boy to get his breath. 

Then she said, “I don't ever want to hear the word freak again, do I make myself clear?” as she looked directly at each of them.

They mumbled something that sounded like “Sorry,” and moved away from her.

Archie was more scared than he ever had been in his entire life, because now he was afraid of her.  He thought he was probably really going to get it from the boys she cowered down.

She turned and said, “C'mon Arch lets get to class before we are late.” After classes she told Archie lets stop at the toilets.
She went into the girl’s and Archie cautiously entered the boy’s and there he came faced to face with the guys who had troubled them earlier.

When they saw it was him, they grabbed him and began to threaten him.

Then they shoved him back and forth, and finally started to slap him around.

Agnes came out of the girl's restroom, and could hear the racket coming from the boy’s bathroom, so straightway she went in and saw what they were doing to Archie.

In an instance Agnes put on her mad face, and grabbed the nearest boy and kicked his knee out of joint, then turned her attention to the other three.

Moments later they were all scarcely able to move, and after a few words of warning about not hurting Archie again, she picked him up, and as they left she looked at the writhing boys and said, “This never happened, did it?”

As she walked him home she said, "We met some new people today, and it won't be long before we shall know most everyone."

Archie's aunt wasn't home so Agnes went in and helped clean him up before she left and went to her own home.     
To be Continued

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