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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 25, 2013


The short story for today is all here on this page.

I just concluded one of my continued stories and in a few days a new  continued story will begin. 

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Yep, it was just one of those days. I got up at my usual time of eight thirty and grabbed a cup of coffee with chicory and was a sitting in my rocking chair.  

I had just about got to my normal rocking speed when a whirlwind passed a few feet from my front porch.

Both my eyes and my coffee received more dust in them than was tolerable and I was half blind for the moment. Ma came out and gave my eyes a cleaning so I could see agin and as I looked down the road where the whirlwind went, suddenly it struck me.

I heard a voice coming from the whirlwind but what did it say? Since I do my best thinking while rocking so I continued to get up to speed and little by little I remembered what came from the midst of the wind.

Now I have found that it is one thing to hear something and another to understand the meaning of what you have herd.
Then it became clear, the words were “The Lord has Come.”

Well I thought, “I know that. He came a long time ago and he is going to come again on of these days.”  Then it dawned upon me, “This is one of those days.”

I didn’t know if it was the dust in my eyes or if everything was different. As I looked there were people I used to know that had died and was buried that were walking by my front yard. They would look at me and say, “Howdy Lucas, nice weather we are having.”

I was stunned but managed to raise my hand and wave friendly like. As this parade continued I looked for Uncle Charlie but he never appeared. As a cousin passed by I yelled, “Where is Uncle Charlie?” As he passed on he replied; “He didn’t make it in.”

I hollered back, “Make it into where?”
As he went out of sight I faintly heard him say “Heaven.”

As I sat there dumfounded I decided what I needed was another cup of coffee. Upon retrieving my coffee, I returned and resumed my rocking.

Being disturbed by the events that just happened I drank it too fast and should have burned my mouth but suffered no distress. I called for my wife but got no response. I called again even louder but she didn’t answer.

I didn’t wish to stop rocking but thought I should try to find out where she had got to. I convinced myself that she wasn’t in the house after searching it twice. Once again I returned to my rocking chair and started to rock at a faster pace than usual.

My ability to think was attuned to the speed of my rocking and normally I preferred to think slowly this called for some urgency.

Being disturbed I needed some comfort and the one who could provide that was my dog. I whistled for him but he didn’t come right off, but then he came running with a pack of dogs chasing him. When he arrived home he and the whole passel of dogs bounded upon the porch and were jumping on me as if they hadn’t seen me for a long time.

It took five minutes of shouting “Down Boy” to settle them down. After I caught my breath I realized that I recognized these dogs. They were all the dogs I had ever owned. And they were at the height of their maturity. As I called each one, they answered to their name, and I had a love fest with each of them.

An hour or so later I remembered about my wife being missing and I was greatly troubled.
As I turned and looked down the road I saw a figure I was familiar with except she was different.  She was once again a young woman and was as I remembered her when I first began to love her.

I ran into the house and looked into the mirror and what I saw was me some fifty years ago. Where have you been I shouted? She said, “Haven’t you been down to get your rewards?” I replied. “No, what rewards?”

She said, “You must have slept through the trumpet sounding and didn’t hear the command to come and appear before the judgement seat.”  “No, I didn’t hear no call.”

She said, “You had better run as fast as your legs can carry you and maybe you can make it.”
I ran so fast I fell twice and when I got to the place of judgement a loud voice cried out, “Last call for,” and he reeled off a long number which strangely enough I knew was mine.

I shouted as loud as I could; “Here I am,” and I was called forth.

A video was played at warp speed and at the end there was a printed report of all my pros and cons with a result and a reward. I walked back home and my wife asked; “How did you do”?

I reluctantly told her, and she said, “I did a lot better than that,” but she promised not to mention it ever again.

Once again I retreated to my rocker and made the dogs get off the porch for I knew they would upset my thinking. As I reached my best thinking speed I rehearsed the whole day’s events and all what happened.

As it turned out it was just like the Bible said it would or at least pretty much as I understood it to say.

I felt bad about not seeing some of my old friends for I fear they didn’t make it.

Then I thought about myself, how close I came to messing up and would have found myself lost, not being in Heaven.

I had to convince myself that it was over and I had made the right decision all along my path and was glad I did.

Somewhere of in the distance I heard a voice calling me. It started out as being faint but increased as I came to myself.

Then I realized it was dark and time for supper. I struggled to get out of the rocker for I had stiffened up because I had sat for a long time. I finally got to moving and in the hallway I glanced in the mirror and there I was, just as I was... I had been dreaming.


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