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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 29

What about the Future?
I woke up early on Saturday and just lay in bed thinking about my future.

One thing was sure I had prepared myself to be a top notch French Chef, and I had a job in a good restaurant in New Orleans.

Noonan had teased me about becoming a French Chef and said, “I hope they haven't messed you up so you can't cook first-class Cajun food.”

I said, “Well, you know they ain't much difference in cooking snails and crawdads, now is dey?”

He thought for a minute and said, “No, I guess not but I never heard of anyone putting snails in their Gumbo.”

There was something I never knew about Noonan and that was he used to work in New York at one of the finest restaurants.

He never would have told me about it, but I met a maitre d' who worked with him many years ago.  
He said, “Noonan was one of the finest cooks he ever knew. His wife died, and he just gave up and left his job.  No one knew where he went and what happened to him.”

I told him what Noonan was doing but asked him not to tell anyone for he was happy living in Gulf Port.  He appeared to be content in what he was doing, yet he seemed to be fragile and shouldn't be bothered by things and people of the past.

He said he understood and wouldn't tell anyone.

Since both Marly and Linda were working I had the day free to do what I wished.

I went down town and had lunch with Linda, and while we were eating an old school mate (Kathy) who happened to be female came over and talked to us.

She was a year ahead of Linda and Marly, and had been in some of my classes.  We were pretty good friends although we never had dated.
She invited me over for Sunday dinner, and I said I would like to see her mother and father again so I told her that I would be there around noon.

Jealousy courtesy
As she left Linda didn't seem to be too happy for some reason, and I just didn't understand why.

Linda said, “You can come over and have dinner with us this evening at six and then we can go to the movie.”

I didn't know it, but her parents had told her to ask me over for dinner but she wasn't what you might call warm when she asked.

I asked her if something was wrong or did I do something wrong?

She again coldly answered and simply said, “NO!”

After that I decided to drop it and let it play out.  As it so happened Marly had also been invited over for dinner, and she and Linda were off in another room while I was talking with Linda's dad.

After dinner Linda helped clean the table, and I asked Marly if something was wrong with Linda and she said, “I don't know, why don't you ask her?”

I said, “I did ask her, and she said nothing was wrong.”

Marly said, “Well if you don't know what it is then I guess I will have to tell you. On the other hand you will have to figure it out for yourself.”

I must say talking to those two was a waste of time so I just let it slide.

It was time to leave for the movie, but I didn't want to sit with someone who was ticked off about something, and wouldn't tell me what it was.

Asking Linda if she still wanted to go out with me was a little touchy for I didn't want to make bad things worse.

I finally decided to act as if there was nothing wrong and said, “Come on you lovely ladies we don't want to miss the beginning of the show.”

If Linda didn't straighten up I was ready to say ‘I feel ill’ and go home for I had enough of this foolishness.

Marly was fretting, and acting irritated, and Linda was still giving me her hard looks, so I told them, “I am getting sick, and I might throw up so I am heading home.”

They both stood there looking at each other as I walked out the door.

I figured. “I would let them settle what ever it was they were upset about was between themselves because it couldn't have anything to do with me!”

Oh Lawd!


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