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Thursday, May 16, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 43

Wedding Plans
Mille and I lingered for an hour or so at the restaurant chatting with customers I have known for a long time, and the restaurant crew came out when they had the opportunity to talk to us until it was time for us to leave.

I had to get back to New Orleans because of business, and Mille was just getting into her role as manager of the serving staff, so she had some duties that needed to be attended to as well.

On the way home Mille talked about my Ma and Pa, and the gang at the restaurant.  

She couldn't get over how they took to her, and were so happy to have her join the family.

Another matter that wasn't an issue with them was her accent, and they had no problem it.

French Girl courtesy
When she was little her mother made sure as she learned to speak French that she would get the French accent right, from the district her mother was from.

When they visited France, and the home town of her mother, her accent was virtually perfect. 
The town people were surprised at her grasp of the French language though being raised in America.

My French suffered greatly from the fact that the combination of Creole and Cajun over lapped into the French lessons I took.

When I was being trained in New York the Chefs wondered what language I was speaking when I tried to speak to them in French.

I could understand them, but they would ask me to please say that in English so we can understand you.

Mille said, “I feel like part of the family already, and it is a family I want to be part of.”  

She then said, “I understand you have a sister and a close friend, what are their names?”  

I said, Yes my sister is named Marly and is married and lives in San Diego California.” 

She said, “What about your friend?” I said, “You must mean Linda.”

“Yes I do believe that is her name,” she replied.

“Linda is a girl grew up with.  She, Marly and I were as close as siblings can be.”

She asked, “Was there no romantic link between you and Linda?”

I answered, “It sounds to me like you might have a little jealous streak in you.”

She said, “Don't try to avoid the question, did you or did you not have a thing for Linda?”

“You know, now that you mention it, you might say I had a yen for her when we first met, but the three of us grew up together, and it became more of a buddy thing. That's all it ever was, just friendship. She is married, and has a little girl about two years old.”

“Well we need to call them and invite them to the wedding instead of writing for time is running out.”

I told her, “Maybe Linda isn't the one you should be worrying about if you are that jealous.”

I thought that would be the source of a little aggravation. 

Instead she laughed and said, “You must be kidding.
You will have more woman than you know what to do with, and won't be able to remember the names of past trysts, if there were any, and I'm not convinced there weren’t any.”

I said. “I give up, and I agree you are more than I will ever need.”  

She moved over closer, and for the rest of the trip home she talked about things she was interested in concerning the wedding.

Typically I listened, and agreed with her for the wedding and ceremony was mostly about and for her.

As for me I could have gone down the street to the minister, said my vows and left it at that.

We arrived home safely, and after taking care of the things I needed to I made a couple of phone calls to Marly and Linda.

I said, “If there is any way you could make it to the wedding please come for Mille wanted to meet the main women in my life so far.”

Tickets were offered and a place for them to stay if they could come.

They both couldn't believe I was getting married and for sure they said they wanted to meet the unlucky girl.

I said, “Thanks a lot, I see you still love me.” They each said, “Yeah we do.”
Oh Lawd !!  
To be Continued 

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