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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 41

A Trunk full of Mille's Things Arrived
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It was time for Mille's parents to return to New York and for Mille to decide if she wanted to remain in New Orleans.

The food prepared at the restaurant was what they enjoyed best, although they tried some of the food cooked elsewhere and found the Cajun food to be quite interesting.

They had never experienced food that was this spicy.

The parents were in a hurry to get back to their business so they planned to fly back in order to get there the same day instead of taking three days on the train.

Mille and I had several lengthy talks, and were getting to know each other  better, but we were a long way off from considering getting married.

She seemed more interested in her job and her responsibilities than a love connection.

Finally Mille said she would stay and would give it a try for it would be an adventure to see the river boats, and all the other life styles that are different from New York.

Her mother said, “If anything bothers you, I want you to come home immediately.”

Her dad just said to me, “You take care of her and see that nothing happens to her for I'm holding you responsible for her.”

For the hundredth time I assured them that she would be alright as they boarded the plane and left.

I noticed Mille wiping a tear from her eyes. It looked she was going to miss her mother.

Mille had enough clothes but after a week a trunk arrived from New York that she had packed before she left to come to New Orleans 

From this I gathered that she had strongly considered staying and working here whether any romance developed or not.

Since she didn't appear to show any interest in quickly becoming, "My girl" I kept everything on a business level.  
After a couple of months of this, I began to wonder if I might have made a mistake, for she was far friendlier to the other employees than to me.

It was time for the Mardi Gras festival, and as usual it was a wild time with several girls from the past coming to town. They were all glad to see me, and showed it by giving me hugs, and hanging on to me.

During this time I noticed Mille beginning to warm up to me, and actually begin to take my arm as we watched the parade.

It seemed that these old girl friends making over me had caused Mille to become territorial and she began to protect her interest.

Up unto now I had kept my distance not wanting to do anything that would offend her but things changed during the festival.
I decided if it was going to be, then the time was now, and so I began to act like a suitor in earnest.
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After a month of growing closer I asked her to take a walk with me so we could talk privately. 

Now, I was bold to ask what her feelings were for I had come to a decision.
She pretended to be shocked but that soon faded away and she admitted that she had tried to stay at arms length, and allow things to happen naturally.

Now she realized she had developed strong feelings for me that were far beyond the crush she had as a young girl.

That being the case, “Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me?”   She half smiled and said, “Yes, I think I do.”

That was a close enough answer for me.  I had kissed her before with some restraint, but this time I kissed her with all the love and passion I possessed.

That moment erased all questioning I may have had about, whether she was “the one” or not. We held each other late into the evening and felt this was the beginning of our life together.

Oh Lawd!   
To be Continued

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