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Monday, May 13, 2013


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My fictional Continued story will return shortly!! 
Ya’ll come back Ya Hear!
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It was in 1941 when I lived in Oklahoma, if you call what we were doing living, because times were hard.

We were church going people, and I preached quite a bit, in fact whenever I got the chance. I had married a girl from the next county over, and we had settled in to raise a family.

We had two young-uns, and had to do a lot of “make do” in those days.  A few months later the big war started, and there were jobs available for the taking so we packed up and headed to California and the big money.

Looking back the only thing good that came out of that war was a lot of people started to make a decent living during the conflict. I don't know how it happened. 

Even today looking back I can't explain it, but some how we left God in Oklahoma.

When we were poor God was number ONE in our lives, but as soon as we got to California things changed.

My wife and I both got jobs in the ship yard and the money was rolling in for I could work as many hours as I wanted. 

I usually would work about sixty hours and with time and a half figured in, it almost doubled my paycheck.

For some reason we spent the money as fast as we made it and our savings were small.

Of course things cost a little more, but not that much.  This was due to the Office of Price Administration. They controlled the price of most everything but even with the rationing we still managed to party on and spend money like water.

There were times when that inner voice would try to trouble me because of what I was doing, and the way we were living but the good times drowned it out.

Then came V.E. (Victory in Europe) day and they began to cut back on our hours.

It was hard to adjust our life style at this point.  We began to wonder what would happen if the war was over, and there was no shipyard to go to.

Then it happened.  In a matter of weeks the war was over. Ships only half built were left on the spillway only to be dismantled the following weeks by a skeleton crew.

We struggled to live on unemployment, and it was two years later before I got a job that paid enough to live on.

It was during that period of time I began to heed that inner voice, the one I had neglected during the war years.

We won the physical war but I had been losing my spiritual battles for the past five years.

Finally the Spirit of conviction overwhelmed me and I returned to the God I had left in Oklahoma. His Spirit filled all the dry places in my soul.

Once again “The Preach,” got on me and I made up my mind that no matter where I go or what I do, I'm going to take God with me.

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