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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 42

Waking up with a strong cup of coffee

I must admit I was tired when I woke up the next morning.

Having stayed with Mille until late - - I don't know how late, but it was late even for me.

I usually close up the restaurant after midnight but I was up a lot later than that.

It was ten before I got myself together enough to think about what all I had to do today.

I went downstairs to the flat where Mille lived, and I knocked on the door.

It was some time before she answered, and it was obvious that she was just now getting up.

I told her that I would be back in thirty minutes, and we would have breakfast and talk about the future.

When I returned she was ready and almost awake.

We had some strong Cajun coffee without chicory because I don't like it.

By the second cup, my eyes were opened, and I was able to talk and make sense.

Mille was doing a little better than I was for she said, “After we check the restaurant to see if we have any problems, then I need to call mama and tell her we are getting married unless you've changed your mind.”

I suggested, “Maybe we should set a date so they can plan to be here, for I want to be married here in New Orleans where we are going to live.”

She was agreeable to that, and I said, “Now we know where, what we need to decide on is when.”

She spent a few moments counting on her fingers, and then said. “In three weeks would be fine.”

After that she called her mama and broke the news.  Her mom started to cry and carry on, so her dad took the phone and congratulated us.

He couldn't help from teasing me by saying, “Well, I hoped she could have done better, but I guess you will have to do.”

Handing the phone back to Mille, I let her and her mother make some plans for the wedding.

I didn't want anything to do with all that, all I wanted was to get married.

Her mom was to come down the week before the wedding, and I thought to myself, “That will be fun.” 

I was being a bit sarcastic, but after all, Mille was her baby and she had every right to be very involved.  It seemed they were on the phone every day sometimes twice a day.

After a week I told Mille I had called my Ma and Pa and told them the news, and they insisted that we come up so you could meet them and vice versa.

The drive up was only an hour and a half, and the trip was restful for part of it was along the coast line.

Before we left I called, and Ma said, “Come to the house first, and afterward we will go down to the pier for the restaurant crew are anxious to meet the bride to be.”  

When we arrived, Ma came out, and looked Mille over and said, “Robbie she is gorgeous,” and hugged her like she was our kinfolk.

Pa was a little gentler, and said, “Welcome to the family daughter.”

Ma couldn't get over the fact I was getting married.  It had been twenty six years since she first laid eyes on me, and it seemed like marriage for me was never going to happen.
Ma had fixed lunch for us, and after we discussed when the wedding was to be and the other particulars we headed to the restaurant to see Noonan and the gang.

Mille had been warned by me, that these were not the most refined people on earth, but to me they were precious.

I told her they had raised me as much as Ma and Pa had, and I don't know what I would have done without them.

When we arrived and went into the restaurant, they were all lined up, Noonan, Paddy and Abdul.  

Mille stared at them for a minute, and then went over and kissed each of them and said, “Thank you for raising such a fine boy for me.”

Well it was love at first sight, for they surrounded her and forgot all about me.

Each one told her, that they did what they could, but it will up to you to finish raising him.

With customers coming in they had to get back to business but Noonan said, “Robbie you sure have a keeper.”

Oh Lawd!  

To be Continued  

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