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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, May 3, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 31

Toward the end of my second year as manager of the restaurant, Marly and Linda finished their four years in college. 

To celebrate, they came to New Orleans at Mardi Gras time.

They stayed with me at my flat which was in the French Quarter, and all they had to do was walk out of the garden and they were in the midst of the revelry.

I was even busier during this time, and all our reservations were filled. People from all over the world came and raved about our dishes which was gratifying to say the least.

One of the chefs that taught me in New York came and said, “You have learned well though it isn't quite New York.” This was to be expected for he was number one in his mind.  
Each night I made room for him and his party, for I felt I owed him for his patience shown to me and especially for sharing with me, his recipes.

Marly and Linda were having a wild time, in fact a little too good of a time.

Both of them had been drinking, and when I realized they had brought a couple of guys back my flat, I told them if that was their game then go get a room.

The guys were belligerent and began to tell me off. I told them either get out now or be carried out, and take your girlfriends with you.

Marly and Linda started to give me some lip, so I shoved them out the door, and said I wasn't going to put up with that kind of conduct.
They left with their guys but came back three hours later. Seems their boyfriends had dumped them, and had found themselves some new friends.  

About two o'clock I closed the restaurant and found them sitting in the garden.  They were sobering up and were apologetic about the evening, and kept saying "We never did anything wrong we were just having fun.”

The next morning I slept in until nine; the girls had already eaten their breakfast and were observing a few stragglers that hadn't made it home yet.

The streets were a mess, and the sanitation people were trying to get the rubbish removed before the whole thing started over again.  

The lunch crew was hard at work so I didn't have much to do after checking the food stuffs.

I went back into my flat, showered and changed my clothes after which Marly came and told me that I shouldn't have thrown them out last night for after all she was my sister.  

Linda was standing nearby and they both started telling me off.

I said, “Stop right there. In the first place I didn't throw my sister out, what I did was toss a slut out where all the other sluts were. I don't provide bedrooms for boys and girls to have fun in.”  
Marly said, “It wasn't like that for we weren't going to do anything.”

I asked her, “What do you think that two sailors on leave have on their mind when they have got two girls half drunk in the midst of ‘anything goes,’ and have got them next to the bedroom?”

I said, “I don't provide a place for my sister to have sex with a total stranger, and if you don't like that then it is too bad.”  
She still protested that her intention wasn't to be promiscuous, and she had no plans of doing what I was accusing her of.

I told her, “You are either ignorant or naive as to how the game is played around here.”
Linda tried to say something but when I stared at her, her voice trailed off without finishing what she had started to say.

Marly said, “I'm going home and tell Ma and Pa just how you treated us.”

I didn't think it worthwhile to respond except to say. “Hurry and get your bags packed for the next bus leaves in thirty minutes from just down the street.”

After they left I rethought what had happened, and how I reacted and concluded that I would do the same thing if it were to happen again.

Two sailors on leave where people lose all restraint, two naive girls caught up in an unguarded moment and half drunk. A secluded place would only lead to one thing.

Lunch was in full swing and the streets were filling up. This evening was going to be crazy because I had no place to seat more patrons, but we will manage somehow.   
Oh Lawd!        
To be Continued  

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