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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, February 4, 2013


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There is a lot of Gross-ness in this world.
Unfortunately most of us have memories of some of it.  Maybe it has some purpose in our lives, I don't know. I do know when it happens it gets our attention and what’s worse is when we either are the creators of it or the promoters of it.

A case in point was in the summer of 1947.  Because of the shortage of employment I ended up on a ranch where my uncle worked.  He lived in a farm house with five bedrooms in it.  I guess ranchers expected to have large families in those days. I lived there with my uncle and aunt, some cousins about my age and some younger.

Leaving out a lot of other events, the ranchers would sponsor a dance at the school house every couple of months.  Our ranch was only a couple of miles from the school house so it was an easy walk there.  The ticket to get inside was two dollars, but that included all you wanted to eat from the buffet tables. We boys showed up just after they started and we could hear the music before we arrived.

We were absolutely broke, so that two dollars might as well have been twenty thousand for we didn't have either. We stood around the outside and listened to the music while looking through the windows.  After a while several cars drove up and some of these rich rancher's sons got out and paid their way into the dance.

I recognized some of them although not all.  Someone told us who each of them were.

One guy that I recognized was every girls dream, or so it seemed. The girls would melt in his presence. This night he was obviously drunk, but he went in and picked one of the less comely of the girls, and they came out and went directly to his car.

The girl seemingly had lost her mind, and was about to lose her underwear.

When they starting kissing he threw up on her face and all down her front.

Since we were outside we witnessed the whole thing. The girl was a little less enamored with lothario after that happened.

It's amazing how two people can feel differently about the same event.

The girl came out of the car mortified trying to wipe the vomit off her face, hair and her front while the boy just howled with laughter.  The more he told the other guys about it the more he laughed.

Some of the girl's friends gathered around her and since they couldn't clean her up they took her home.

Then something happened that I couldn't understand; there were a couple of stupid girls ready to take her place, and the last I saw of them they were all lovey dovey hugging on him.   

As for me, I had enough fun for one night and walked home.

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