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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Having sold everything Nellie and Leon were getting ready to leave Nome.

The last thing to do was to pack up the money and gold that had been accumulated over the years since they had been in Nome and Leon was surprised at how much it was.

There was money hidden everywhere in the walls and under the floor boards. Nellie knew where it all was, and they packed it into suitcases.

Instead of clothes their luggage was crammed full of cash.  

On the ship they had two connecting rooms with the door between them which they kept open except when privacy was needed.  

They never let on about having a small fortune hidden away in their suitcases, and since they wore tacky miner's clothes no one was interested in them or their baggage.

As the days passed they discussed their future. With Leon reaching the age of eighteen and being considered an adult he could do anything he wished.  

When they arrived at San Francisco the first thing Leon wanted to do was to look up Mrs. Loomis.  He felt she would give them some sound advice as what they should do next.
Maid courtesy
They took a cab to her house but he felt strange standing there with Nellie and their entire luggage and arriving unannounced.

He rang the bell and presently a maid came and asked what they wanted to which Leon replied; “We're here to see Mrs. Ellie Loomis.”  The maid asked for his name and closed the door.  

Shortly Ellie came to the door and grabbed Leon and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.
After greeting him further she then turned her attention to Nellie and said, “Who is this lovely creature; don't tell me you have gotten married?”

Both Leon and Nellie turned red and Leon said, “This is a long story and will take some time to explain if you are interested.”  
She assured him she wanted to hear all about what he had been doing and why he had a young girl in tow.

She said before that let's get you settled in your room and give you time to freshen up.

After a while Leon came down stairs first and began to tell what had happened after he had left San Francisco.  He reminded her that she given him some extra money, but he had figured a way to earn his transportation to Nome and to have a pay check when he arrived.

She was excited to know all the details about his adventures.

Nellie joined them about this time and wanted to hear the story also as Leon understood it. They talked on late into the night and Nellie almost went to sleep.  

Mrs. Loomis suggested that Nellie go to bed but tomorrow she wanted to talk to her by her self.  She knew Nellie would speak freer if it was just two women chatting.

After Nellie went upstairs, Leon said, Nellie has been raised by her dad and has been around men most of her life, and now she is in need of some female companionship, and to be taught all the things that go into being a lady.

He said I was hoping you would aim me in the right direction in accomplishing that for her sake.  She has so many fine qualities but is sorely in need of some refinements.

Mrs. Loomis said let me talk to her alone tomorrow, and after that I will know how to proceed.

To be Continued   

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