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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, February 14, 2013


America In Trouble
One might argue that America is in trouble and on a decline.

The public at large is in denial concerning this issue. 

Oh yes, they will admit there are a few problems but they can be handled. All we need is a few more laws.

Got a dope problem? Just make it legal. 

Crazy people killing people?  Pass a gun law. 

Family values being obliterated? Just give the destroying factors legal status.

These are political answers to problems that are not going away. Today we hear the political rulers justify their solutions that are bound to fail by saying, "This is what the American people want."

At this point I must point out that the problem with America is the rejection of the principals in the Ten Commandments.

By me saying this, those who disagree will have something to rail against.

1 Thou shall have no other God, the president has declared our country has many gods.

2. Thou shall not create idols to worship

3. Don't cuss (god damn is the most used phrase used today).

4. Set aside a day to honor God

5. Honor the parents, (care for the children)

6. Don't murder

7. Don't have illicit sex relations including deviant behavior.

8. Don't steal

9. Don't lie

10. Don't covet what doesn't belong to you

A return to these principles by each individual is the only hope for this country.
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