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Sunday, February 3, 2013


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I suppose the words "The end" speaks of finality but in this case it speaks of an end and a beginning.

Perhaps I should back up and give a little background as to what happened on that night.

At a young age I was exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ but didn't have a clue as to what it was all about. Then came that day when "I got it" or I realized what it was all about, and took advantage of the salvation experience.

It is referred to as "Being born again."  Being made a new person in Christ I proceeded to learn what was required of me to enjoy the Christian life to its fullest. I still had to labor to make my way for there was no miracle which eliminated me from having to earn my way.

As I was faithful in a few things I was given more tasks “to do” for the kingdom of God and the advancement of it.

Now getting back to "That Night" I was completely tired out, for the day was long and wearisome.  I cleaned up a little and fell into my bed ready for (hopefully) a good nights rest. 

No sooner gone to sleep when I was awakened by an unseen force that little by little was taking over my being.  Something was happening to me and I had no way to stop the phenomenon coming over me. As I was being changed I began to rise through the ceiling and then above the roof.

I could see the earth beneath me.  Then I saw other beings like myself beginning to rise also.  Then I observed something which gave me distress for there were those who were being held down by weights that were named.

On one it was written "Neglected salvation" and another said "Unbeliever" and another "Hypocrite" and on and on with different things keeping them fastened to the earth.
I saw friends and relatives trying to get free and escape but to no avail. As I continued to rise they faded from view and I started to weep bitterly for those left behind, but in an instance the tears were wiped from my eyes and I wept no more.

It was then I realized I was no longer the same as the person I was when I went to bed for I had been made completely new on the outside much like I had been made new at conversion on the inside.  

I never wear white for I never went to where I needed it, but now I was dressed in the whitest white I could ever imagine.

Judgment Throne
From the scriptures I knew there would soon be an appearance before a throne called the Bema Seat or judgment seat.

This is the place where the Christian will be rewarded for his faithfulness both in word and deed. Knowing this filled me with anticipation and I must admit with nervousness. I got in line and waited for you couldn't see the beginning or the end of it.

As I stepped up when my turn came, there was my whole life laid out like a video playing.  Every thing I ever did, every thought I thought, every attitude was displayed, there was nothing hidden; things I didn't know about myself, what made me act the way I did.  

At this point I felt crushed and humiliated and above all - - with great passion wished I still had time to change me.  It was too late but if I had an opportunity I would be seeing a different video for I would not be the person that was portrayed on that screen.  

This brings us back to where we started, "The End”

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