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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, February 8, 2013


Bettle Hit and Rescue
I began to get accustomed to the disgusting jobs that were my lot.  I had been yelled at to do this or that so much that the words "Hey you" seemed to echo loudly even when they weren't being spoken.

One day the Chief mate felt sorry for me and said, “You are a very important part of this ship's operation and you should be proud of the part you play.”

What I said in response to that was "Thank you Chief," but what I thought was, "I would like to trade some of my importance for a better job."

The word came down to reposition the "Battle Group," and we were to be one of the lead ships.  It seemed strange that we were one of the smallest vessels leading the "Battle Group" into battle.

The seas were rough during our first engagement of the enemy, and we had to hang on to something in order to remain upright.  As a result the battle was delayed until the sea was calmer the next day.

I was given the job of making sandwiches for there wouldn't be time to go to the mess hall.  As it turned out we didn't need the sandwiches for we took a torpedo from a torpedo bomber, and I got my first chance to walk on water.

There was a lull in the fighting and a nearby destroyer came and picked up the ones who were still alive.  As I looked around and realized that many of those who had been ordering me around were no longer with us, I longed to hear those words "Hey you" from them again but it would never happen.

I was shipped back to the states for a little R&R or I should say for some healing, for I received some minor injuries from the explosion that sank us.
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While at the hospital I saw this lovely girl who worked in the hospital admitting department. She was absolutely gorgeous. 

Her skin was a light olive color and her lips were full and most inviting.  

Her eyes could look right through you and seem to say forget about the lips.  She had long almost black hair which made her face seem to be in a beautiful frame.  

I was allowed to walk around to hospital and managed to see her often and noted that her name tag said Carme.  

I asked her if she would like to have lunch somewhere else because the food I was being served wasn't very good and something you should not give to sick people.

She said “No, but you may could go to the cafeteria and eat for free, and that it was better than what the patients were getting.”  

Eventually I got up enough nerve to ask her to have dinner with me off base, and she said, “I have a boy friend and do not date men from the hospital.”

I said, “Well I can respect that but you do eat, and we could go out as just friends.”  

Later she told me that I could come over to her folk's place, and have dinner where she lived.  I jumped at that opportunity, and showed up around six thirty.

I rang the bell, and a swarthy looking man open the door which turned out to be her big brother.  Then another bigger brother showed up and they had me surrounded till she came and rescued me.  She told them to behave themselves for I was a friend of hers.  

Her father was a stout looking fellow and her mother was beautiful just like her daughter Carme.

They served some food I had never eaten before, and when I ask what kind of food it was they said Portuguese.  I complemented them on it but the two brothers stared at me all during the meal.  

As I left their home, Carme said not to mind her brothers for since she was twelve they have intimidated any boy that looked at her.

To be Continued       



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