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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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We can't help but admire our daredevils even though we feel they are foolish for doing whatever they do.

Some are professionals and do what they do for a living like the Flying Wallenda's who as a family have been tight rope walking for four hundred years.

There was a time when going over Niagara Falls in a barrel was the ultimate test of foolishness.

Wing walking at air shows were designed to test the nerve of the participants and awe the watchers on the ground.

These were all for entertainment purposes but there are many more venues for the daredevil to perform in and this goes back to before time as we know it.

The rebellion of one of the angels in God's domain was an act of the original daredevils; risking all for the personal purpose of glory.

This peculiar trait has come down through the ages and is alive and well today. It entails the declaration of disbelief in Almighty God by deeds and words.  

Many of our founding fathers did not personally believe in God while they functioned on this earth though I suspect they have changed their mind at present.

Like the story of the rich man in hell who wanted to warn those who are still alive to avoid making the same mistakes he did. There are those who died shouting their unbelief that have changed the tenor of their message after their demise.

One must admire their courage for they are risking their eternity by hoping there is no God who hasn't left His message to them. They do not see the need for a backup plan and say so openly.
Unbelief is manifested in more than one way. Some manifest it by what they say and others by what they do.

There are times when a vender will try to substitute an item other than what they advertised usually saying this is as good or better, the old bait and switch trick.

When men try to substitute an intellectual exercise they term reasoning for a relationship with the almighty creator they demote themselves to the state that the scripture calls a fool.

I call them the greatest daredevils of all for they risk their eternal soul on there being no God for when they find out they are wrong they will spend all eternity asking themselves how they could have been so mistaken.

They should have listened to the scripture that admonished man to, "Come and let us reason together saith the Lord," instead of the aggrandizement of the intellect among their peers. No matter how one may stifle the fear of the grave, fear still prevails.

"Death hath no terrors for the blood bought one, O glory hallelujah to the Lamb! The boasted vict’ry of the grave is gone, O glory hallelujah to the Lamb! So says the song by Charles P. Jones

(See the daredevil Flying Wallendas below)

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