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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today is the final Chapter in the story of Jason; but a new fictional continued story begins soon.  Please sign up to follow by e-mail so as to NOT miss any of the upcoming chapters.

Let's Tie the Knot

It was difficult taking over a job that had been handled badly, but I was fortunate to have superiors that had been fighting men instead of desk jockeys, and they stood behind the decisions I had to make.

Sad to say some of the men I was working with had to be transferred.  I heard some of them were sent to ships that were active in the fighting.

One day while Lauren and I were shopping at the commissary Lauren noticed a display of rings.  I realized she had stopped and was carefully inspecting the wedding rings. She exclaimed, “Do you see that set over there?”   I said. “I can't help but see it.”

She asked the clerk if she could see them up close.  When he gave them to her, she slipped them on her finger and asked me, “How do you think these look on me?”  I replied, “I think they belong right where they are, don't you?”

Needless to say we bought them right then, for they were beautiful and also in our price range.

Later in the week we got a marriage license, and made an appointment with the base chaplain to get married.  I took a week off, and we went to San Francisco for our honeymoon.

When I was promoted I was able to secure a small house on the base to live in and Lauren moved in with all her worldly goods.

While in San Francisco I met an old friend who also knew Carme and he told me she wasn't dating and hadn't got married.

I felt sorry for her for if she didn't leave her folks she would end up being an old maid. Actually I hadn't thought about her since I left and didn't plan on thinking about her in the future.

Except for the war Lauren and I couldn't have been happier, but my job was a constant reminder of what the boys were going through on the front lines.
It's like that for every nation; their young men are slaughtered because selfish leaders can't agree. The weeks became months and then years.

Suddenly the war was over but that just added another layer to the work I was already doing.

Occupational forces required different supplies than attack forces.

There were contracts to cancel, and now we would be storing goods and equipment here instead of shipping it overseas.  Then there was the preparing to bring our men home that had done their job.

Dream of Peace

I was hoping that this would be the last war our country would be in, but it seemed that those who were our enemies would now become our friends and our friends would become our enemies, and peace is just a dream.

As Lauren and I start our family, I can't help but wonder what the future will hold for our children and the coming generations.

 The End


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