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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, February 25, 2013


Cable Car San Francisco

Mrs. Loomis had her cook fix a big breakfast for Nellie and Leon and she said we have a lot of things to talk about today.

She mentioned, “You indicated that you would like my help getting settled and investing your money.

If this isn't true speak up now for when I start a project I don't spend a lot of time considering people's feelings, and trying placate them for it takes too much time and energy.  

I am all business when it comes to handling money whether it's mine or someone else's.”

She spoke directly to Leon, “Here is the name and address of someone I wish you to meet and spend the day with him.  I have told him to expect you and what I wish him to do.  

You can walk down a block and catch the cable car that will take you to the office where you are going.  Remember where you got on so when you come back tonight you will know where to get off. 

Oh yes, finish your breakfast before you leave.”

Leon didn't have any idea what he was getting into but did as she had instructed, and arrived in front of the office that said, “Gabrielle Loomis Investments.”  

When he went inside he was greeted by a secretary who ushered him into the office of Mr. Hughes.

Hughes pulled down a map of the entire bay area. On the map were stars that Hughes explained represented investments Mrs. Loomis owned.  

Hughes said that he was the manager of all these holdings. He went on to say that she has other investments he didn't know about only that he knew they existed.

He spent the entire morning explaining what each investment was and how it was managed.  Hughes said, “This after noon after lunch we will visit those that are in San Francisco.”

Hughes hired a horse drawn cab and they proceeded to cover many of Ellie’s holdings.  
By the time they were finished Leon was worn out and wanted to head back to Ellie's house. 
Meanwhile Mrs. Loomis had spent the day chatting with Nellie to find what she wanted her future to be.  

By the time she got through she knew everything that counted about Nell.

Ellie said, “Unless you and Leon have a plan to follow you will end up broke and separated. There are people who will cheat you out of your money and men that can turn a young inexperienced girl's head and make a fool of her. “

Ellie told her quite bluntly, “There are several things you need to know and to do, and if you are willing to take some advice I will tell you what they are and why you need them.

You might think, ‘What’s wrong with me they way I am?’ and I will tell you.

You will need to compromise with the world to some extent and meet their standards or they will not accept you.  Without proper instruction you will be isolated with only one or two people to relate to and they will drop you if it is to their advantage.

It will be a case of eliminating things that make you unacceptable and enhancing those qualities that are your strong points.  Being pretty is not enough. That will only make someone want to use you for their pleasure and they will diminish you instead of helping you.

Survival skills will give you a measure of success but at what level?

The bottom line is, what can we do to help you excelling in this world's society?

I want you to meet a woman who can help you make the most of yourself.

There needs to be some basis for being proud of your self and not just settling for being less than ordinary.”

To be Continued   

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