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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leon Chapter 13

So Much To Learn
Kathryn as she was now being called had started her training by FiFi and was just beginning to realize how difficult it was going to be.

FiFi laid out about fifty things that were to be accomplished. Two things stood out as questionable were Math and English.  Kathryn felt it was unnecessary for she could speak English and count numbers.  

FiFi explained that there are many levels of English, there is that which is used by gutter people, and that which is used by the aristocrats, and all that which is in-between. 

She went on saying you are judged within society by the level of English you speak. Aristocratic English is too snooty, so we will choose a couple of levels below that, and you will not be judged to be inferior to anyone that counts.

Now as to math you need to know more than just how to count your money for you will be left out of many conversations by your lack of knowledge.

As Kathryn thought about it, she came face to face with the reality that many of the conversations that went on around her were filled with words she didn't know the meaning of, and as such she was in the dark as to what it was about.

Meanwhile Leon was being introduced to people who worked in high finance.  He felt like a newly planted sapling among a forest of giant trees.

He was suffering with the same problem as Kathryn in as much as he didn't understand many of the terms they used.

When he expressed his concerns about his feeling of inferiority to Ellie she said he would soon learn everything he needed to know for she was paying them to teach him.

In a very short time, he would learn what it had taken his instructors years to become skilled at, but they were willing to share it for a price.

For both Kathryn and Leon, the work was tedious, but never boring for each day brought something new to gain knowledge of or to experience.
Each was challenged to use the things they were studying in a real life situation.  When Leon was taught about banking he had to work in a bank and Kathryn learned how to set a table for a formal dinner by helping in the formal dining area for special events.

Further she learned what every thing on the table was to be used for during the meal.  

This day was going to be interesting for it was the first time in weeks that Leon and Kathryn had time to talk alone.

Today they were going to go out and have lunch together.

Leon's days had been spent with people from every aspect of the financial world.  He was gradually taking over Ellie's East Bay investments from Hughes her present manager. This required Leon to be located in Oakland instead of San Francisco although you could be in San Francisco in an hour via the ferries which ran every few minutes.

The ride was exhilarating being on the upper deck looking out over the bay with the fresh air blowing on your face.  They were passing by ships going to and from all parts of the world, with untold stories of events while sailing to foreign ports.

But today he was having lunch with his business partner.  He with Ellie's help had invested part of their money, and it was doing very well.

He wanted to bring Kathryn up to date on the transaction he had made.  As he approached the address of the house where she was being trained, for some reason he felt uncomfortable.

The house itself looked foreboding with steps that led to a large carved door.

With some trepidation he rang the bell and shortly he heard a voice from within say, “I’ll get it!”     

To be Continued  

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