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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, February 15, 2013

LEON Chapter 1

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Dad on the Road
As our story begins Leon was ten years old, living with his mom and dad.

His father Sam Rooker, was several years older (about twenty years) than his mother June, she being his second wife.

His first wife died from one of the diseases that was going around, nobody knew exactly what it was, only that it took a lot of people to the grave.

Sam left home, supposedly looking for work, but he never returned.  Leon and his mother moved in with her sister May and her husband Jack so he was raised by what you might call his extended family.

There wasn't much difference between his aunt and his mother because either one would whack him good if they thought he needed it.

All in all Leon was a good boy but a youngster growing up is bound to get into some mischief sooner or later, especially if some cousins came over.

He was taught to do chores by the scruff of his neck and that method must have worked just fine for no one had to tell him more than once what was expected of him.

He was really close to his uncle Jack, sometime too close for Jack's comfort for there were times when Jack didn't want him along. When he was out with some of his men friends he tended to be a little bawdy especially after a nip or two. Jack didn't want Leon to pick up any of his bad habits at his young age.  Later on it would be up to him.

On one occasion Jack, after a nip or two bought a funny looking dog. Someone said he was a terrier. When Leon saw him he said his hair looks like wire, and began to call him wiry.

Jack and Leon went fishing quite often and now Wiry always went with them.  Despite of his looks he was a pretty good dog. He slept under the porch but if he heard any sound he was on the porch in an instant on guard.

Uncle Sam could fix anything
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Uncle Jack worked at the court house doing whatever needed doing. There was always something that needed fixing.

He made friends with all of the judges, lawyers and police in town so if he ever skirted the law nothing ever came of it mostly because they knew there wasn't anybody in town that could fix things as well as he could. 
Of course he fixed things for the police and judges when he was supposed to be working at the court house.

Jack always took good care of his family, but he could never get ahead.  
He felt he missed out for the California gold rush was before his time and it was his dream to strike it rich someday.  

There was another gold rush about the same time as the California rush in Australia but he missed that one also.

Then there came news that there was gold found in a place called the Klondike.  He didn't know where that was, but he decided he was a going there.

A few days later he was packed and ready to head out.  

He told Leon, who was about sixteen at this time to take care of his mom June and Aunt May along with everything else, and he would see him when he returned.

That didn't set to well with Leon and a few days later he packed a few things and also set out for the Klondike, hoping he would meet up with Jack somewhere along the way.

To be Continued   

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