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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

LEON Chapter 2

Roll of the Dice
Leon didn't know exactly where the Klondike was, only it was west and north. After thinking it over he decided it would be best to go west first and then go north.

Leon didn't have the money for the train fare but he was determined to get there somehow.

Out side the train station he saw some guys shooting dice, and he stopped to watch.
After watching them for a while they told him to leave or start playing. Since they were just shooting for nickels and dimes he thought he could risk a quarter for he had two dollars.

After thirty minutes Leon had cleaned them to the tune of ten dollars. Then one of them wanted to put his gun in the game against the ten dollars Leon had won.  Leon said no he wouldn't do that but he would give him five dollars for the gun, and he could bet any way he wanted to.

Leon knew if he bet his money against the gun he might not ever get it but by buying it he would have it on his person and it would no longer belong to the other guy.  The man agreed and Leon put the weapon in his pocket.

Then Leon wanted to leave but the fellow wanted to roll the dice for the five dollars hoping to get his money and the gun back.  Leon didn't want to do that but the guy was persistent so the bet was on. The man insisted on rolling the dice and Leon agreed. Five dollars was the bet.
The man shook the dice violently and the rolled snake eyes.  Leon picked up his money and walked to the station without looking back.

Leon now had some money to eat on but still needed his ticket money.

He saw a nice hotel across from the train station and proceeded to go over there. When he went in he felt out of place for the people were all dressed in finery and his clothes were not only cheap looking but were not too clean.

He found a chair in a corner somewhat out of sight and sat and watched the people come and go.
Lady courtesy
There was a woman in her forties who came down the stairs and by looking at her he could tell she must be rich.

She sat by herself and looked at the paper.
Leon remembered what his Uncle Jack had told him once, "There are some people who want to help poor people because it makes them feel superior to them."  Leon thought about those words and went over and sat down close to the woman.

He didn't know what to say to start a conversation with someone who had money, so he sat for a while saying nothing. The woman noticed him just sitting there and stared at him. Leon thought it's now or never and he said, “Pardon me for looking at your jewelry, but it is so beautiful I was wondering if the stones were real or if they were just glass.”

She stiffened up and said, “Young man I'll have you know I would never wear something cheap as that.”  Leon replied. “That's what I thought because I didn't think glass would look as good as that.

Before she could answer he said, “Is that fur around your neck real also?”

She gave him the same kind of answer to which he said, “Those eyes on it seem to be looking at me no matter how I move.”

She then asked what he was doing in the hotel for he looked out of place. Leon knew he had the opportunity now to tell her of his plight.  He started by saying, “It is cold outside, and I wanted to get warm but the real reason I am here is I'm trying to figure how I can earn enough money for a ticket to the west.”

Then his mind was working fast trying to think up a pitiful story to tell her.

He continued, “You see my mother is in San Francisco and she is deathly ill and she wrote me, wanting to see me before she died.  So far I've tried everything except stealing (which I couldn't do) to no avail.”

Then Leon pretended to weep. The lady gave him her handkerchief and asked him to please stop crying.  She told him that she was traveling to the west leaving on the morning train.

She said, “Meet me at the station tomorrow, and we will see about getting you a ticket.”   To be Continued   

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