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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, September 15, 2014


Think of your Bra as a bathing suit
He said !!
Her mother called and said she would be a little longer than she thought but it wouldn’t be long.

I said, “Come and sit on this stool and I will take a few snap shots while we are waiting.”

She laughed and said, “With my blouse on?”

I said; “Yes with it on unless you feel comfortable enough with me to strip to the waist and do a few angles of your upper torso.

I will give you the negatives and the pictures when I finish your painting. No one will ever see them unless you show them to someone. When you see your painting you will know that under the paint is the real image of you not just some surface guess work of the artist.

The first thing I will do is to draw and then paint you without clothes on and then I will add the clothes afterward.

No one else will see the difference but you will always know the real you is under the top paint.”

She stripped down to the waist and we did the shoot in just a few minutes and she was dressed before her mother arrived.

She said, “I feel like half a Godiva being half bare before you.”

I said, “It will make a difference when I paint you for I will see you in my mind as I draw and paint.”

Her mother came back and said, ‘How are you two getting along?”

I said, “Very well we have made some progress and I will have something to show you in about a week.”

Three days later I called and talked to Lesley and asked if she could come by without her mother I would show her how things were coming along.

She understood why she should come without her mom and said she would come right over.

I gave her all the shots we took the other day with a large head shot suitable for framing. I told her I didn’t have a frame that did justice to her beautiful picture.

She said, “Boy you sure can lay it on.”

I said, “No, it’s not only that you are pleasant to look at but from a technical point of view the contours of you face are perfect and I ought to know.”

I changed the course of the discussion and said, “Now for the painting. You have your nude down to the waist photo and it was helpful for doing what you’re going to see.”

I uncovered her painting as far as I had gone. It was a painting of her nude on the canvas just like the photo but without a bra.
I said, "Maybe we should just leave it for it is beautiful like it is. It will garner far more interest this way without being clad with clothes.”

She said, "That’s really me and I’m tempted but mom would pass out and my father would want to beat you up.

No, for both out sakes you better dress me.”  

I said, “It will be a shame but I will do it. Just remember what is under the clothes is exactly what is under your clothes right now.”

She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss and said, ‘You’re wonderful and I’m so glad we met.” She went on and said, “If I didn’t have a boy friend I would like to date you but you see I’m taken.”

I tried to smile as I said “Woe is me!” and we both laughed.

To be Continued

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