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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, September 26, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 16

Josh thought long and hard about Lesley’s portrait and he said, “I will never do another picture with that technique; at least not until we have children.”

 Lesley said she didn’t know what all the fuss was about.  She said the only reason it was special to her was where they stood in their relationship at the time.

She remembered the fact Josh had become so personal so quickly and she had yielded to his charms. She said the emotions of those moments are still as real as they were then.  
Those feelings were hard to understand yet she wasn’t able to resist them.

They were against all of her mother’s training and yet it seemed right. Josh made everything seem rational and he didn’t try to take advantage of feelings generated by the moment.

Her only interest in the portrait was the feelings seeing it brought back.

Over the last few weeks Lesley had gained more responsibilities and had an office with glass walls that were open to the rest of the department.

The problem of guys flirting with her was not on issue any longer for none of the guys wanted to tangle with Josh.

Several guys would spar with him just for the exercise, but they he was just toying with them.

The exception would be if someone new was hired and they couldn’t keep their distance from Lesley.

She would tell them if you want to keep working here you will not come into my office unless you’re invited (which will never happen) or have urgent business.

One newly hired guy who fancied himself a Romeo walked in on her without permission, and made his move.  He refused to leave saying things like: “You know you want me baby.”

She called security and had him escorted out of her office and told him my husband isn’t going to take this kindly.

She called Josh and told him what happened and he said I’ll see that it doesn’t happen again.

He went up to the man’s cubicle and said, “I think you and I have an appointment in the gym.”

The guy looked mystified and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Josh said, “Sure you do, it’s either the gym or the door. Which is it going to be?”

“Well I’m against this for if I hurt you then I will be fired and if I don’t let you beat me then I’m fired. In either case I lose.”

Josh said, “That won’t be the case but just to ease your mind you will still be on salary while you are healing.”

The guy said, “What kind of company is this?”

Josh said, “The kind that doesn’t allow their women to be harassed and treated like tramps by a jerk like you.”

The guy started to put his stuff in his brief case and said, “I won’t work for a firm like this,” and headed out the door.

Josh buzzed for security and had them accompany the man out.

Josh went down to Lesley’s office and said, “How about some lunch?”

She said, “Fine.”  On the way to the cafeteria she asked, “What about the guy?”

“He quit.”

Lesley seemed surprised, “He didn’t want to go to the gym?”

“I guess not; let’s see what they have for lunch that sounds good.”

The next morning Morley called Josh into his office and asked what happened yesterday?

Josh said, “Nothing, what do you mean what happened?”

Morley said, “Now come on you know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh you’re talking about the new guy resigning.”

Morley said, “Yes and a lot more.”

Josh answered, “As best I can figure he was confused as to what his job was. He thought it included hitting on the women in the office and I had to straighten him out on a few things. Looks like he didn’t like the way things are run around here.”

Morley said, “Now Josh you know I hired the guy personally and he came with impeccable references.”

Josh said, “Are you sure you want to get into this now? It might be better to let things lie.”

Morley said, “If you have something to say, out with it.”

“Well just remember you asked for it. You say he came with excellent references. May I ask who gave him those great references?  May I ask, was it your wife Julie?”

“Well yes, her, and others.”

“And those others. Might they be members of the club Julie belongs to?” “Yes but…”

“And he hung around the women at the club making risqué remarks that they loved to hear, and then he proceeded to hit on the ladies making them feel sexy and wanted didn’t he?”

Morley said, “I don’t know but I will shortly.”

Morley didn’t ask his wife but instead he went to the club and talked to the waiters who served the club meetings and observed everything.

When he returned to the office he was fuming and said, “Josh you were right and a whole lot more.”

The waiters gave him (for a price) the names of the ladies the guy took to a room and luckily his wife wasn’t among them.

Josh said, “Is there anything else you want to know about yesterday?”

“Morley said, “No, I will take it from here.  Did you already know this about the guy?”

Josh said, “Yes.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me?”

“For the simple reason this was something between you and Julie for she was the one who got you to hire the guy and I didn’t want to get in the middle of your personal business. When it became my business I took care of it. He should have had some further education but I let him off easy.”

Morley said, “I’m not finished with him and I know some husbands who aren’t going to be finished with him either. First I have some things to clear up with Julie and then I’ll settle the rest of this business.” 

To be Continued

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