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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Today begins a NEW Continued Story -
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So Tiny

“Here he comes, he is a boy. I must say he is the smallest baby I have ever delivered, but he is perfect as far as I can tell. His heart is beating fast and normal.

His breathing is being used for screaming as well as cleaning his blood. That was the easiest birth because he’s so tiny.”

“I know I didn’t think he was out because I scarcely felt a thing. Can I hold him doctor?”

“Of course, nurses are you finished cleaning him. Wrap him in a blanket and let her hold him.”

“Oh doctor, he is so small are you sure he isn’t a midget?”

“No he isn’t, he has normal head and limb size. We of course will want to run tests as he grows but my best guess he is just a smaller version of perfect. You must be careful not to lose him until he grows some, just kidding.”

She said. “I think I will name him little Joshua and call him little Josh.”

 ~ ~ ~

Some of what I tell you next is from what I have been told since I am virtually unaware of anything before the age of three or four.
Mom said there was some difficulty finding clothes small enough for me. The diapers had to be cut down to fit me and I wore some doll clothes for a while.

She had to carry me around in her hand for some time instead of her arms. Even with a big blanket I would try to slip out of her arm when she tried to carry me like larger babies. I didn’t eat as much as larger babes but would want to eat more often which was a burden when I was first born.

My mom’s nipple was a mouthful for me and I had to suck easy so as not to get too much milk. Mom said it seemed strange to hold a small size doll babe up to her breast and try to get the nipple in my mouth.  She was afraid I would choke on it.

I grew as fast as a normal size babe, just not as much. She finally accepted the fact I wasn’t going to be over six foot tall.

After being tested over and again it was decided not to risk any form of growth hormones and just let nature take it’s course.

At the age of four I was enrolled in a preschool and the kids my age seemed like giants. I got pushed around quite a bit and wasn’t allowed to play with any of the toys. When I would find something of interest, one of the other kids would grab it away from me.

Due to the treatment I received over the early years, I became somewhat introverted. This was reflected in my learning process which was slow. While other kids were getting A’s and B‘s my average was mostly C’s. 

The thing I excelled at was drawing.  Starting with finger paints and crayons.
I progressed to pencils and could draw an object clear and concise. I was treated like someone special in the art class yet all but ignored everywhere else.

It was when I became seven that I garnered a modicum of success.
The girls began to be friendly to me when they found that I could sketch their face and actually improve their looks.

I preferred to draw animals but since I was popular with the female sex I enjoyed the attention I was getting.  

To be continued

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