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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


He traded his bike for a computer

There was a rich family not far from where I lived and their son who was about my age liked my bike and wanted it. He took it from me several times and rode it.  

He had been given a computer for his birthday but didn’t like it. It was just too hard to learn to make use of it.
He wanted to trade the computer for my bike but I was afraid his parents would be mad about the trade and blame me for talking him into doing it. 

Then one day he said he finally got them to say it was alright to make the trade so I carried my computer home piece by piece and set it up.
A few days later the boy I traded with had an accident, wrecking the bike and sold it back to me for very little.  

It set in the back of the garage for several months until I got enough money to fix it up.

Meanwhile I was enjoying my nearly new computer and was saving up for some graphic software. By the time I was thirteen I had bought a cheaper version of a graphics program and was getting good at using it.  

My math improved along with it.  I guess there was some connection between them.  My teachers began to treat me a little better as I improved my grades.  

With my art skills, I began to work with oils and was doing mostly landscapes until one of the girls a class ahead of me wanted me to do a portrait of her. 

I told her I wasn’t into that kind of art, but I could do a sketch of her and use some colored pencils which would add some character overall. 

“No, no,” she said “I want you to do me in oils,” and was insistent that I do so.  

I gave it one last try to discourage her by saying I would do it but she would have to sit for me nude while I painted.  

She gave me a strange look and I said, “I need to see the whole of you to get the right perspective.”  

She said, “Okay can we start right now,” and started to remove her blouse.  

I shouted at her, “STOP,  - - I was only teasing.”  

She gave me a wry smile and said, “Don’t ask for something unless you really want it, can we start?”  

I was still breathing hard but said, “I will draw a sketch and then get the oils I need and some canvas.  I need to know how big you want it to be. I would recommend twenty four by twenty which will give a rectangular look which would be nice and take away the square look.”  

She said that will be fine but let’s get started for I have to leave pretty soon.  

I grabbed my artist pad and drew a quick sketch adding emphasis and shadows’ where I thought it would be necessary.
When she saw it she wanted to keep it and I told she could have it after I finished with it.  

Though she was only one grade above me she stood a head taller than me, but I kinda liked her. 
I thought if she liked me she could stoop down when we kissed.  

Then I come to myself and realized that would never happen, but fantasizing about it was fun anyway.
 To Be Continued

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