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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FIVE AND ONE HALF - Chapter 14

Lesley asked, “What about your business and all...”

I sold our photo shop to the guy who was working for me and I was free to leave anytime I wanted to.”

She said, “Wow, and I thought you were only a pretty face. Why didn’t you tell me this before I agreed to marry you?”

“Well I’m tempted to say ‘It was a need to know basis’ but things were moving too fast and certain outcomes unsure.

I had to make some decisions and your mother wouldn’t let me talk to you about the future we might have together.  So I went on the premise that you were mine and here we are, ready for our new adventure.”

Our new home was furnished but Lesley just had to go shopping with one of the exec’s wife and add her touch to our surroundings.

Her new friend Mary said, “Now there is one of the bosses that you need to watch out for. He is big and has most of the guys in the office are afraid of him.

Since you have decided to work there he will be coming around hitting on you especially because you are young and by far the prettiest woman there. He kowtows the husbands and they are afraid of losing their jobs or him beating them up so they don’t usually say anything about his advances on their wives.”

“Did he try that on you?”

“No for goodness sake! My husband is over him and he would fire him in an instant and he knows it.”

Lesley said, “Well there are two things, he will not intimidate my husband, and if he makes a move on me he will wish he didn’t.”

“You mean he will fight the big bully even though he is a big boss?”

“In a word yes. He will use whatever means necessary.”

Everything went well for a week until this would be Romeo saunters in eyeballing all the women who averted their eyes except a couple who apparently were receptive to his advances.

He came over to Lesley and started his pitch when Josh came in and saw and heard what he was doing.

Lesley saw Josh and she smiled and winked at him. She was just ignoring the guy and he started coming on stronger.

Josh had heard enough and came over and stood by Lesley. He had to look up at the big bruiser but he just stared at his eyes.

The guy didn’t see any fear like he did in the other guys whose wives he hit on.

Josh was still looking him in the eyes and said, “My name is Josh and this is my wife who you are disrespecting and I’m waiting for an apology.”

The guy with all the scorn he could muster said; “Listen shorty I will talk to her anyway I please and if you are her husband it’s time she had a real man.”

Josh said, “I see. It looks like we need to go down to the gym and settle this. I prefer bare knuckles but if you are a sissy we can use gloves.  But one thing there will be no rules; anything goes, is that okay with you?”

The bully looked petrified. No one had ever stood up to him like that and he was speechless.

Josh said, “I’m waiting and I hope you have a good dentist for you will need him afterward.”

The guy just stood there not saying anything.

Josh said, “Let’s go unless you are a coward.  C’mon show me what a real man you are.”

Josh poked him in the chest with one finger and it made the guy wince.

Josh kept on goading him until he said, “Alright let’s go.”

Several guys were following them when suddenly the dude ducked out a side door and took off running.

Josh yelled after him; “You forgot to apologize.”

Josh went back and said to Lesley, “Sweetheart, it’s lunch time, let’s go get something to eat.”

As they left there was a murmuring of unbelief throughout the office that spread through the building.

Lesley was giggling and said, “Looks like you whipped him with one finger.”

Josh replied, I bet he will have a bruise the size of your hand and will be sore fore a month from that one finger poke.”

She giggled again and said, “It looks like I don’t get to have a real man after all,” as they went off arm in arm.
 To be Continued

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