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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

MR EBON - Chapter Three

I am Watching and Waiting !

“Farewell Sam for a short time, and I’ll be back for you…”

In a midtown hospital at this precise moment a man child takes its first breath and announces his arrival.  The mother is relieved to have it over. These last couple of months have been difficult and now here is the result of all that labor, little Sam.

They aren’t the same parents Sam had before but close enough as to race and intellect.  Sam’s eyes don’t focus as of yet and he hasn’t discovered one of the most important thing about himself at this age… his thumb for sucking.  When his mama isn’t available that thumb will save the day.

The first thing he will learn to do is to lie.  He will scream and cry when there is nothing wrong with him. He just wants attention and that is his way of getting it.

Sam's New Parents
He learns that the goo goo sounds have power when used at the right time for it is one of the devices that endears him to everyone.

At age three he hits the other kids and that is very encouraging at this point. The darkness is taking root in him at this early age although he hasn’t a clue that we’re in the background working on him.

Almost everything in existence when misused can be an object of evil working within him.

There came a bone of contention between Sam’s mom and dad because his mom wanted to take him to church and his father (whom I will soon harvest) wasn’t going to stand for it.

He said, “Let him grow up and then choose for himself whether he wants to go to church.” (this is one of my favorite sayings; it is straight from the big man himself).

Her reply was, “I suppose we should apply the same standard to everything in his life.  Like going to school; let him grow up and then decide if he wants to get an education and going to the dentist and eating a balance diet. His taste for sweets would exclude food that is necessary for proper development.”

While they argue I vote for no church for I have a safe and sane path for him to follow (right to Hades).

Much to my chagrin the mother won out but I saw to it that Sam didn’t get much out of church.  While it seemed he was always acting up it was me agitating him just enough to make him seem incorrigible.  I was having the time of my life.

I can’t wait until he gets older and I have a lot more to work with.

His mother was disturbed at Sam’s behavior and started to read the Bible to him every night.

Why couldn’t he get a mother who was a boozer and didn’t care if he went to hell?  It just makes my job a little harder but I’ll still get him for he is mine.

He is starting to nurture a good one called, “hidden sin.”  He is sinning and hiding it from everyone. This will trouble him his entire life. It will follow him to his grave unless he repents of it, but he will be so enamored by some of it he won’t want to repent.  This is going to be fun watching him squirm.

He may try to be righteous but he can’t for I have my hooks in him.  I’m getting tired of what I consider small stuff that he does, lying, stealing and the like.

He is almost ten and age gives me something new to work with.  I think I will test him out a bit by sending him a few thoughts of mine. Just to see if he is ready for some heavier stuff.

Well sad to say that didn’t go over very well. His Mom is still feeding him that Bible stuff and it is squelching the information I am feeding him.

Another year or two and my contribution to his thoughts will start to override her efforts because he will want to experiment with the unknown good stuff.

To be concluded in the next chapter



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