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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hope you enjoy my fictional short story -
A new continued story begins soon.
Wolf at the Door !!

“Dad there is someone knocking at the door.”

“Wait don’t open the door it might be a wolf.”

“No Dad it is a man in a nice suit.”

“No mind it might be the wolf in men’s clothing and he will come in and gobble us up.”

“No I don’t think so dad. I talked to him through the door and I asked him if he was the wolf and he said no. He said he was here to collect the payment on the radio you bought six months ago. He said you haven’t made the payments like you promised.”

“Sissy, who you going to believe, yo Pa or the wolf at the door?”

“Dad I believe you of course but as the wolf at the door said; you did buy the radio six months ago and I know you haven’t made any payments on it and he is here to get the radio or the money.”

“Now Sissy don’t you let the wolf in and I’ll explain how it works later.”

“Okay pa, just as you say. Dad maybe we should go down and get some of that government money for the poor its free you know. All our friends are getting it so why don’t we get some?”

“No, I should say not. As long as yo momma can work and make money we ain’t going to demean ourselves by taking the government charity. Dem folks on the dole ain’t got NO pride and I ain’t one of them.”

“If we got some of that money we could make the wolf at the door go away couldn’t we?”

“Well maybe but as I said;  As long as yo momma can work we ain’t going down there and ask for the free money.  I would let you kids starve before I would stoop so low.”

“Pa I know where you could get a job and make some money to help mamma out.”

“Listen here Sissy I already know about that job and I ain’t about to take it cause it don’t pay what I’m worth.  If I took that job people would look down on me and it would be the cause of me being depressed.”

“Ain’t you depressed not having a job and mamma having to support us?”

“Why no chile, yo mamma is strong and a man’s has to keep his pride.”

“Pa… do you have enough pride to let mamma go off with another man and leave us?”

“What you talking crazy like that for chile?”

“Well maybe you didn’t notice that us children been doing the cleaning, cooking, and washing the clothes around the place for quite a while and mamma hasn’t been coming home very often.”

“How come I ain’t seed her not coming home for quite a while?”

“Pa you know you go to bed early and sleep late that’s ‘how come you don’t know.  Well she won’t leave us cause she’s my woman and she belong to me.”

“Not no mo she don’t you got a letter from a lawyer you didn’t read.”

“What do it say?”

“It say you and mamma ain’t married no mo after next week. I seed her with a new man and he got a job. She told me she don’t have to work no mo cause he gonna support her.”

“She going to take you kids with her?”

“No she said since we is yours you get to keep us.  Papa… who going to keep the wolf away from the door with mamma gone?”

“Why chile I’m gonna to take care of dat. We going down to the government office and get some of that free money they give away for after all we is citizens of the U.S.A. and we got it coming to us.
Besides it’s their job to keep the wolf away from our door.”



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