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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Mr Ebon - Chapter Four

This post is the conclusion of this Story,
But a new story begins soon.

Bad Company Corrupts Good Manners
Sam has now reached the age of thirteen and these last three years has been a fight for his mind. The constant bombardment of satanic thoughts is beginning to take its toll.  Hormones plus stimulation is taking over.

Peer talk and pictures of the other sex in stages of undress is enough to build a fantasyland he lives in a greater part of the time.

At this stage my job is not necessary for he is losing the battle on his own.  

While old dad is reliving his youth through young Sam his mother is hanging tough.
Sam won’t listen to the Bible being read but she had placed those scripture reminders throughout the house (which I hate) and she quotes her favorite verses to him.

Still he has a mind of his own and it is working overtime thinking on things like  sex, then food, then sports, then video games and grades though not necessarily in that order.

The good thing about all this is I can interject sin into all of these things.

He is helping me a great deal by hanging out with trashy people (whom I love, they are my heroes) who are bringing disrepute to his character.

At sixteen he has already experienced physical relations that should be reserved for marriage which I’m all for even though by God’s standard it is wrong.

This is going to be the easiest reclaim I have ever done.  With dad well in hand (for he is on my list to take to Hades) I now only have to weaken his mama’s resolve and my job is basically over.

I almost feel guilty this is such a slam dunk.

Sam has returned to the "old Sam" with his drinking, doping, stealing and women chasing just like I told him he would.  

My only drawback is his mother. She is hanging tougher than I thought she would.  I don’t know why she keeps on praying for Sam for on the surface it seems like a waste of time.

He isn’t responding to her and yet she keeps hanging on smiling as if she was winning.

I got another trick or two up my sleeve and one of which is Jose.  Jose is really hooked and has become friends with Sam. They pal around together most of the time.

Jose always has a good idea for doing what’s wrong (in my eyes what’s right) and has Sam on the edge of being incarcerated.

That would really shaft his ole praying ma.

There is another thing I haven’t figured out whether it is good or bad. He has met this so called Christian girl.
Now if she influences him then it will be bad but if I can bring her down through Sam then it will be another feather in my cap.

Then it happened.  I pushed Sam’s friend Jose too far and he OD’d.  Now there was no hurry to collect Jose for he was very effective in bringing others down.  I just foolishly pushed him too far.

The problem is I’m about to lose Sam because of no longer having Jose’s influence over Sam and this new girl and his mother’s praying.

What happened next was painful but being the truthful (ha ha) guy I am I will tell you about it.

Sam went to church with his Ma being as he was shaken up about Jose.  Afterwards he did some praying and stuff that I didn’t pay any attention to.

He began courting this girl in the church, he got a job, and after a year or so he wanted to get married.

I kept sending messages to him but he just ignored me as if we weren’t friends.

I had my other guys, friends of Jose go to him but he was trying to convert them.

He finally married that girl (I didn’t think she was so hot) and has settled down. I can’t get through to him he looks like a lost cause.

This is something I’m going to have account for.  Losing Sam is a black mark on my record.

Oh Well, comme si, comme sa, as the French say. You win some, lose some.

The main thing is do I have you and if I do … ha ha ha haaaaa

~ ~ Finis  ~ ~

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