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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 21, 2014

THE WRANGLER - Chapter seven

When they arrived at the big city, Joe checked in at a hotel and Cindy went to stay with Lynda.

That evening they picked Joe up and went out for dinner and some entertainment.

They met up with one of the fellows Lynda had been dating and she introduced him to Joe.  
The guy was about half drunk and was talking incessantly. Then he said, “Oh, this is the cripple who you are in love with?”

Everything was quiet for a while till the guy said, “He looks alright to me and should make a good husband for you.”

No one said anything till the guy said, “Excuse me, but I got to go, I have fiends waiting.”

It was quiet again until Cindy said, “Well, that was interesting, I’m going over to say hello to someone I know.  While I’m gone perhaps you might have something to say to each other.”

Still no one said anything till Lynda spoke up, “Well, that wasn’t planned.  I guess we might as well clear this right here and now.  Lynda continued, “You know I am attracted toward you and if you don’t feel the same then it’s settled so how about it?”

Joe said, “You know how I feel but I haven’t been able to tell you because I didn’t want you to be straddled with a man that wasn’t whole.”

She said, “You have a couple stiff joints that’s all and it’s like the man said, ‘You look like you would make a good husband for me.’  So do you want me for your wife or are you going to live alone the rest of your life.”

He answered, “I want you more than anything.”

She teased him, “More than going down to Madams?”

He said, “Don’t mention her for I never went down there.”

She laughed and said, “I know.”

Cindy came back and said, “I never did like that person and I hope you got this straightened out.”

Lynda said, ‘Yes, it is settled my bridesmaid friend and tell our mom thank you.”

“Thank you for what?”

“She will know, just thank you.”

Joe wondered what they were talking about but figured it was a woman thing and something a man wasn’t supposed to understand anyway.

The wedding was set for three months away.  Lynda was all agog and excited.

Joe was calm and collected after the initial shock.

All the ranch hands were teasing Joe, some of which wasn’t very nice but he knew that was the cowboy way. They couldn’t help but be a little raunchy and an event like this brought it out of them.

Joe was getting enough of it but kept his emotions under control until one of the hands said, “I hope she is better than what we get down at the Madam’s.”

That was all Joe could take and he said, “The next one who insults my future wife is fired and if I was able I would fight him but the firing will have to do.”

The word went around that Joe had enough of the joshing and that was the end of it.

Most of the men who knew Joe respected him for they saw him as a real man, but a few only saw a man who limped and had once been broken up.


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