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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, July 5, 2014


This is a fictional short story all here and not continued. 


“C’mon Tom let’s get out of the heat.”

“What’s wrong with this heat we just practiced in the hottest part of the day?”

“Yeah but that was football, I don’t mind the heat if I got my pads on.”

“Les you should play in the powder puff league.”

“Well okay, put me down but if there were girls playing I would go for it in a minute.”

“All you think about is girls, Les.”

“Yes, that is true but I can’t help it. When I think about the shape of their legs, and their hips, and their chest I don’t have to go any higher and I’m in another world.”

“You don’t care what they look like?”

“No not if everything is great below the neck.”

“Man you are something else. I don’t know if I should hang out with you. Here is the soda fountain let’s get something to drink;”

“Okay but I’m sweating like a hog.”

“It’s all that fat on you.”

“Yea, maybe, but all this fat makes it hard to move me off the line when the ball is snapped.”

“This is a good idea Les, it is cool in here, and what are you going to have?”

“Whoa, I think I would like to have the one sitting on the third stool.”

“C’mon les get serious what do you want.”

“I’ve never been more serious in my life, I want her.”

“Settle down fool or I’m leaving.”

“Tom you mean you don’t see anything you like in here?”

“Listen to me Les, all these girls know you are staring and talking about them, you need to be more subtle about these things. Just sneak a look now and then and when you find the one you like then mosey up to them and start to talk with them.  The way you stare at them makes them feel like you are going to attack them.”

“To be truthful that’s the way I feel.”

“I give up you’re hopeless, forget it and let’s order.”

“Hey, hey, hey, look what just walked in.”

“Les that girl is just a sophomore, she is only fifteen or there about.”

“I don’t care She looks like woman to me and that’s all that counts.”

“Drink your soda and cool off but I think I will go over and chat with her.  I believe her name is Sherrie.”

“Okay but I think she would rather have me so I’ll go with you.  Keep your mouth shut or you will blow it.”

“Hi Sher my name is Tom and this is Les.”

“I know who you are and this is my friend Mary. Why are you guys talking to us?”

“Well you look like nice girls and we like to talk to nice girls. When you finish your soda maybe we could walk you home.  That would be a possibility wouldn’t it”

It looks like you’re finished, shall we go?”

“Okay let’s.  C’mon Mary and Les see if you can keep up.”

“Sher I don’t think I have ever met your family.”

“Well you should know my sister she is in your grade.”

“Well it’s a big school and I might have a class with her, what’s her name?”

“Actually she has a rather plain name not as sophisticated as mine.  Sherrie sounds exciting whereas Jane sounds so plain.”

“I see what you mean.”

“Are you as exciting as your name?”

“I’ll leave that up to you to find out.”

“Hmmn, you are something.  How old are you?”

“I’m as old as I feel.”

“And how old is that?”

“Old enough for you!”

“Err; I believe this is where you live isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

“Les you walk Mary the rest of the way home and I’ll see you later.”

“I think Mary can make it the rest of the way by herself I’m going to git home cause it’s too hot.”

“Okay, see you later, Lester, bye Mary.”

“Why not come on in and meet my dad he should be home by now.  Oh hello Jane this is Tom my friend.”

“Yes, I know who he is. He plays football for our team.”

“Jane keep him company until I get back and then I’ll take over.”

“Oh you will, will you, we’ll see about that. You have to understand she is a little presumptive. You are one of the real popular guys at school and I must say I’m surprised to see you with Sherrie. It’s not that she isn’t pretty but she is a bit young for you.”

“Well perhaps, but she doesn’t think so.”

“Yes I can see that but she has always had big ideas.”

“Uh, Jane the reason I’m here is I wanted to meet you and I figured this would be a good way to do it.”

“You could have just walked up to me at school.”

“Yeah I could but it never seemed to be the right time and besides you know how the idiots at school would react if they saw you talking to me especially the team members. They can get down and dirty sometimes and I didn’t want them to talk about you that way.”

“Boy what a sensitive guy you are, you know every girl in school is talked about “That way” by one guy or another.”

“Yeah I suppose but I didn’t want to get kicked off the team for fighting.”

“Wow, you mean you would fight over me?”

“Well maybe but C’mon now this is getting out of hand we haven’t gone on our first date yet.”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Of course I am. Why do you think I went to all this trouble with your sister?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe you are attracted to her? Alright here’s the deal.  I will you go out with you, but one thing is sure, hands off unless I say it’s okay.”

“Wow, I never had a girl tell me it was alright.”

She said; “I will say it by the way I’m acting not verbally.”

“Okay that’s normal but until I get to know you better I won’t…Well we will work it out won’t we.”

“Yes we will work it out just don’t let your imagination get ahead of reality.”

“Oh, hi Sherrie you’re back.  We were just talking about you.”

“You needn’t bother I can speak for myself.”

“Oh I’m sure you can. Sherrie, Tom has just asked me out and you can go along if you wish.”

Sherrie never spoke but left and slammed the door to her room.

“You better leave Tom for I think there is some sister to sister talking that needs to be done and you don’t need to hear it.”

As Tom left he couldn’t understand what was being said but it was loud. The only words that came through clearly were, “I’ll get even with you.”

Tom thought, “Wow, I stirred up a hornet’s nest, and all I wanted was a date.”

Tom only briefly saw Jane at school the next few days for he was changing over to baseball from football and there were having extra practices because we weren’t very good as a team.  We had good players we just haven’t gelled as a team as of yet.

We had a game Friday afternoon and after I showered and cleaned up Jane and I were going to the movies. I came out from showering and Jane was waiting for me. I thought she had her “at school look” but was looking pretty nice.

Actually being honest I gave her the “Les look” which started at the legs and went up from there. As best I could tell she “measured up” very well.

I was proud to have her on my arm. I couldn’t control my mind completely and I wondered what she looked like in her gym shorts, or a bathing suit. Yea that’s it I will invite her to go swimming with me.

I was brought back to earth by Sher coming along side and saying, “Where are we going Tommy boy?

I looked at Jane and she just shrugged her shoulders so I said, “To the movies.”

Sher said great and took my free arm and off we went.

In the movies I had a girl on both sides. I had Jane’s hand in mine and Sherrie had my other hand in both of her’s.  

While Jane looked understanding Sherrie was putting my hand where it shouldn’t be. I kept trying to retrieve my hand from Sherrie but it was of no use.

Again being honest, (which is hard to do) I really didn’t mind what Sherrie was doing being a teenager. Nevertheless I had to pretend and kept pulling it away.

After the show Sherrie said (while looking a bit coy) “Did you enjoy the show, Tom?”

I didn’t know what to say for I knew what she was referring to so I said it was alright I guess. Let’s have a sandwich and a coke or something before we go home.

I walked the girl’s home and Sherrie ran into the house while I said goodnight to Jane.

Jane said; “Did you enjoy the show Tom? Which part did you enjoy the most? Perhaps it was when you were feeling up Sherrie?”

I was trapped for nothing I could say was going to solve this situation. I thought I would try this one on her instead of lying.

“Well yes I enjoyed that part but I enjoyed holding your hand far more than that.”

I didn’t know how well that went over for she looked at me and gave a half smile and said goodnight then went in.

On the way home I thought, “Boy what a mess. Jane is going to be my woman and I have to get little sis on to someone else.”

As I was to find out that wasn’t going to be easy. Both Jane and Sherrie showed up at the games and while Jane would clap when I came up to bat Sherrie would yell out “C’mon my man get a hit,” or something like that.

It was embarrassing for everyone could hear her.

Then the guy’s in the locker room started calling me “my man.”

During the rest of the spring Jane and I got away from Sherri a couple of times but it wasn’t a simple task.

I had to fight Sherrie off while Jane still wasn’t giving the okay to get closer. You have to know this situation was hard on a virile young man.

A time or two I almost gave in to Sherri and see how far she would go but thought better of it for I knew she would tell Jane and that would be that.

It was almost graduation time and I told Jane I wasn’t going to college but going to work in my father’s auto-parts store.  I had worked in there since I was a little kid and knew most everything about it.

Many of the electives the last couple of years were geared toward running the business, like book keeping and such.  Eventually I would get a college degree but that would take a long time because of just taking a course here and there.

I knew Jane was going to a local college but then I took a chance and said; I want to get married right after graduation. I guess she wasn’t expecting that one. She looked stunned and said, “Who is the lucky or unlucky girl.”

I could tell she was searching for words so I said, “I’ll let you know.”

That really threw her for she went over and sat down. Finally she began to come to herself and said; “Are you serious?”

“As serious as a teenage boy can be,” I said. “You know there are several couples getting married right after they graduate, you know couples that have been dating for some time.”

She said, ‘Yes I know but I didn’t think you would be one of them who would rush into something like that.”

I said, “Why waste time when you have found the right person for a mate for life, what’s to be gained?”

Well how about this; “To be sure they are the right one for each another”?

“The kind of being sure you are talking about won’t be known until fifty years later.”

“I’m talking about the kind of sure you can know now. Let me ask you this; don’t you think I have common sense?”

“Yes you are good at making decisions and seeing them through.”

“Don’t you think I could support a wife and family?”

“Yes I suppose you could.”

“Don’t you think I would make a good husband?”

“Yes I do think that.”

“Let me ask you this, do you think I would make ‘you’ a good husband?”

She stopped there and didn’t answer.

I said, “Don’t you think you would make me a good wife?”

“Yes I guess I would.”

“Well get ready for this one. Don’t you have sexual urges when you are with me?” She said, “Yes I do but that don’t mean…”

“Let me cut you off there.  You think I would make you a good husband for you and you would make a good wife for me and you want to have sex with me and I can take good care of you what will you gain by turning me down?

Oh yes one thing more, I love you passionately, but because you are a little… more than a little standoffish I haven’t been able to express it but I will when you let me, will you marry me?”

“I need to talk this over with my mother.”

“I’m not asking your mother to marry me, will you marry me?”

“Well I ...”

“Do you want your sister to get me?”

“My answer when you put it that way is, yes I’ll marry you a year after we graduate, but you will have to wait that long if you can.”

“Boy, it won’t be easy but it makes good sense so fine a year it is to the day. There is one thing; can you not be so standoffish now that we are engaged?”

“Okay just keep your excitement level at a controllable level and we will be fine.” 

Jane said, “Don’t tell anyone until I tell you to for I will have to figure out how to tell my mom and dad. He will want to beat you up and my mom will find some way to threaten you.  Then there is … my sister.”

“Yeah I know. She is going to be the biggest problem. I think I know how to solve that issue. Let me deal with it. This weekend we will go shopping for a ring and you can wear it when you are alone.”

The next day I talked to a guy on the baseball team named Ike. He was okay to look at but was so bashful he turned red every time a girl looked at him. On the next Saturday Jane and I were going to the movies and of course Sherrie invited herself to go alone.

When we got to the show Ike was there and I told Jane I had invited Ike to go with us.

Before anyone could say anything I stepped up and said, “Give me four students please.”

I got the tickets and gave Ike two of them and kept two for myself. As soon as Ike took the tickets I took Jane’s arm and all but pulled her in the show,

Sherrie snatched the tickets from Ike and came in with Ike following her. We ordered some drinks and Sherrie whispered to me; “What’s wrong with this guy? He turns red every time I look at him.”

I whispered back and said; “It’s your beauty, he can’t cope with it. You have overwhelmed him.”

We took our seats and as usual Sherrie sat next to me but this time she didn’t pull my hand over and do what she usually did. She seemed to enjoy seeing Ike turn red.

After the movie we went and had a sandwich and a coke. Sherrie began to talk to Ike and was surprised that he could carry on an intelligent conversation as long as she didn’t look him in the eye.

After an hour I said, “We better head home so say goodbye to Ike.”

Sherrie said, “You go ahead cus me and Ike are going to talk for a while and he will walk me home.

On the walk home Jane said, “I can’t believe what I just saw.”

I said, “It’s pretty simple she has found a project to work on. She has a lot of raw material to work on and she can mold him the way she wants him.”

Jane said, “You are a genius.”

“No,” I said, “I just figured your sister out and gave her what she was looking for.”

Jane and I went shopping and bought our rings.  It was at this point she began to really get into the fact we were going to get married. It was like she became a woman at that point. The next day when I saw her she was wearing her engagement ring and all the girls at school went ape’y.

They wanted to know who she was going to marry and if she was pregnant and all the other stuff girls had to know.

Some were a little disappointed that she was still a virgin for they thought if you had a ring it was the same as being married. The teachers were interested in who the man was and were sure he would be an older college man.

After finding out it was me they would say something like well he is a nice boy indicating I still wasn’t a man yet.

I didn’t pay any attention to none of the stupid remarks that was being made. Most were so gross I wouldn’t put them on paper. Soon the day came for graduation and it was over. I had put my time in and now it was time to put all that knowledge to some use. Jane had been accepted in the local college and I went to work.

My dad had been looking forward to that day. He could now sleep in late and leave early. This was something I was glad to see for he had done his duty as a father to me. With a new business model I developed, our business increased greatly.

Jane’s folks took it better than I thought especially when they saw I was practically running the business.  It seemed that if my father trusted me with that responsibility perhaps I might be fit for a husband.

Sherrie was still working on Ike and was pleased with her progress. He had enrolled in the local college and she had plans for their future. He still turned a little red when she looked at him but it didn’t bother him now.

A year to the day after graduation I claimed my bride and I can’t say we lived happily ever after but I can say we have been deliriously happy so far.

There are two events coming up we are looking forward to.  One is Jane getting her College Degree in a week and our first child will be born in a month.

Dad is retired and I’m a successful business man… what more could a man want.



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