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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This is the Final Chapter for "Anchors Aweigh,"
A New Continued Story will begin soon!

Beautiful Cheri
Chapter Four

I would liked to have to done some shopping before we left but I wanted to get back home.

For Cheri this was a big adventure she was leaving the only home she had ever known and things happened so fast she hadn’t had time to catch her breath.

My brother Al was excited to meet her and it didn’t take him long to put a plan in place for her future. He had made several contacts to the east and he figured she would fit right into his business arrangements there.

From what he had found out Cheri spoke several languages used in the Indonesian island countries so this would be a great move forward.

From what I had told him the girl was okay to look at but he didn’t ask much more about her looks.  Al wasn’t too interested in her looks but in her talent as a negotiator. He was hoping she wasn’t some silly young girl that had to depend upon her looks to interest men.

When Cheri and I arrived home my feelings were, “I’m never leaving here again.”  It took about six months for me to forget the trials I had gone through.

When we arrived Al couldn’t take his eyes off of Cheri.  He knew I was there but he didn’t acknowledge my presence for what seemed like an hour.  Finally he looked at me and said you look like you have lost a free-for-all.

I said, “Thanks and I’m glad to see you too.”

Then his gawking at Cheri drew my attention to her also, I mean in a lustful way. I hadn’t really looked at her since the episode in the shower for the business at hand had garnered all my attention.  When you don’t know if you are going to be either killed or imprisoned you don’t think about whether someone is pretty or not.

We settled in the apartment Al had secured for us which was near the business offices.  

I told Cheri that we could get an apartment for her if she didn’t feel comfortable living with me.

She said, “Is this some American thing? Why should I feel uncomfortable being with you? We have done everything together except… you know… so why should we change now.”

I said, “I just didn’t want… you… never mind forget I brought it up.”

She said, “You have never made any attempt to bother me so why should I worry now?”

I changed the subject and said. “I’m hungry, let’s go eat.”  She agreed it was time for some food.  

It was six months later when it became necessary for us to return to the Far East to finalize some contracts and double the business we were doing. The people there wanted to see us face to face and know who they were dealing with.

Cheri actually became the lead person in these negotiations and I was just along as window dressing but it was still traditional for a man to be the head of business dealings.

When we arrived home after making several new contacts in the East and finalizing the agreements, Cheri and I took a week off and went to the beach.

As usual we only got one suite with two bedrooms. Cheri said she was going to shower and then we could have dinner. She left the door open and once again looking at her firm body the strong feelings came back.  
This time it was more than I could handle, so I asked Cheri to marry me and we now have three children.
All three are girls and every bit as beautiful as their mother.
I shudder to think of having to fight off “the would be Romeo’s” as they grow to maturity but I’ll be up to the task and if not their mother certainly will be.

* * * Finis * * *

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