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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Some three months before his passing Nat "King" Cole recorded the song "Three Little Words"

"Three little words, oh what I'd give for that wonderful phrase,
To hear those three little words, that's all I'd live for the rest of my days.
And what I feel in my heart, they tell sincerely.
No other words can tell it half so clearly.
Three little words, eight little letters which simply mean I love you."

The Bible says it a little differently, it uses four little words in - -

Ephesians 5:25a "Husbands love your wives".

Perhaps it is a little more personal to say "Husband love your wife" specifically. On the surface this seems like a simple task but in reality it may be a little harder than first thought.

1Peter 3:7 In the same way, you husbands should live with your wives in an understanding way, since they are weaker than you. You should show them respect, because God gives them the same blessing he gives you--the grace of true life. Do this so that nothing will stop your prayers from being heard.

Right off this eliminates physical and mental abuse, cheating, a violation of trust and selfishness. I thought this was an interesting statement by Dr. Dar "Being in love is not long lasting. Loving someone is long lasting. If you have LOVE, keep it because LOVE is the staying power, LOVE is what lasts, LOVE is what has you make choices for the benefit of the relationship.

I am not saying that the 'in love' fluttering feeling goes away, I am saying that it is not a sustainable feeling, it comes and goes throughout the relationship." Marriage should be a partnership and understood as such with contributing and receiving what they need from it. It also requires commitment, a rare kind of commitment which includes first total commitment to GOD and then to each other.

Having been to several weddings including my own, loving your wife seems to be off to a great start at the end of the ceremony. 

All the kissing and hugging and the honey moon, and everything, but the fact is that sometimes, some how things change and the husband stops loving his wife or vice versa and the outcome is separation. Husbands love your wife isn't a suggestion it is a commandment so men; choose ye carefully because;

1Corinthians 7:3 The husband should give his wife what she deserves as his wife. And the wife should give her husband what he deserves as her husband.

This writer has some interesting insight on the cause of separation at;

And listen to Nat sing Three Little Words.

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