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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Do Men Never Grow Up?

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Why is it that grown men never grow up? The only sure answer to that is “I don't know.”

There are many theories about it but most answers leave you without a satisfied mind. Some gals use the simplest answer which is they are a bunch of jerks that’s why.

Another is, they are inferior and simply do not have the capacity to understand us gals or the desire to please us.

Guys see the whole scenario differently. To them it is a case of women expect too much.

They (women) want the guy that is written about in the romance novels. They view themselves as a princess and feel they deserve a prince who will sweep them off their feet and worship the ground they walk on.

A recent comic strip showed a princess kissing a frog, when someone asked what is she doing. A young girl answered, she is hoping he will turn into a prince where upon an old woman said she will soon find you can’t change a frog into a prince for he likes being froggy

It is hard if not impossible to find a woman who does not feel superior to men.

They feel it unnecessary to compete with them physically because they are superior intellectually, emotionally and efficiently. Yet they get irritated when guys are unable to accept this as fact and ignore their superior abilities and standing.

Why is it so hard to get a man to be the man a lady wants? It may have something to do with a man’s concept of what he wants in a wife.

The first thing he wants in a woman is that he wants a mother.

He wants someone that is so loving and forgiving he can do whatever he wants and she will forgive him. Someone who will keep house, cook, pickup and wash his clothes and generally do everything for him. He also wouldn't object if she also held down a job.

That is only one side of the coin which has two sides. On the other side he wants a wild sided woman who is a party gal, always hot to trot and only lives to please him, for after all he is her Romeo who is able to meet all of romantic needs. This is not an easy if not impossible task for any woman.

Why do grown men never grow up? It’s mostly because they don't feel the need to. They are getting what they want, so why spoil a good thing.

Should this situation go bad he can move on to another love starved gal who is sure she can change him into the ideal man and the futile process starts over again ending in a badly bent if not a broken heart.

Just in case you say; my guy isn't like that! I know he really loves me and that’s the truth. Then while I don't understand that, if it is true I would say you must have found the exception. So Rejoice and be Glad for you are one of the lucky ones.

START EACH DAY WITH THIS PRAYER; OH Lord, Thank you for your Love, and please BE GOOD TO ME TODAY.

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