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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Count The Cost !!  image by photobucket

As Christians we have been admonished to always count the cost before proceeding. It simply means; to understand fully what you are getting into as much as it is possible.

If the information that you need is not available, then it is time to step back and reevaluate what you do know.

The old adage, “Look before you leap,” is apropos at a time like this. We must follow this procedure in order to be safe as possible. If we had foreknowledge then we could go full speed ahead, but since we don’t we must use caution.

GOD has foreknowledge and as such He doesn’t have to speculate, but is able to initiate and work out his plan. To say that the plan of salvation is strange is putting it mildly.

I have tried to understand why; first of all, why we should have ever needed salvation?? Given that GOD knew what was going to happen prior to the garden event. It would seemingly have been easy for GOD to have circumvented the offending problem by banning Satan’s influence in the garden; hence the problem would have been solved.

The only thing wrong with that simplistic solution was; there had to be some other reason the scenario was played out as it was. Perhaps the earthly problem was the result of what happened in heaven itself.

What we do know is that Satan was defrocked and cast out of heaven. He now has a spiritual presence in the atmosphere, and has set up, as it were general headquarters there. This is where he now directs all the evil forces under his control.

One thing we can be sure of is; there is something about the nature and character of GOD that compelled HIM to take the responsibility upon himself, and accomplish the salvation of this creation without any help of man, (save for Jesus) for Jesus, alone could meet the requirement that was demanded.

The chosen method was harsh and was all inclusive, meeting the standard of HIS holiness. It was the most demanding thing that could be required which was a life. It was not just any life but a life without the tinge of sin. Only that would expiate the sin of the world.

It was limited in scope in as much only man was included. No other spiritual being was included. Not Satan, nor any of the fallen angels.

There is an event in Genesis 22 that foreshadowed GODS giving up his son to redeem us. It was when Abraham was ordered to sacrifice his son and when Isaac asked; “Where is the lamb for sacrifice?” Abraham replied; “GOD will provide for HIMSELF a lamb for a burnt offering.”

When John the Baptist introduced Jesus his words were, "Behold the lamb of GOD.”

All the ingredients were in place, a Virgin birth, a sinless life, and a death coupled with the resurrection equaled salvation.

Would I have done it different?  Probably, but due to the fact I know so little, it wouldn’t have worked.

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