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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, June 27, 2011


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My first car was a 1929 Chrysler, this was in 1948. It had been used a lot but it ran good. Good, meaning it would start, go and come back home again. Once I learned how to keep this thing happy, it served me well, at least for awhile.

I had a routine that I used in starting it and when I got to where I was going I had to get out, raise the hood and turn the fan back one half turn to stop the water pump from leaking. While doing this took a little time and was cheaper than buying new packing for the pump. My economic status controlled my buying anything at this time.

When I bought this car, strangely enough, I felt proud about it. It was black and I polished it up. Then I painted the wooden wheel spokes bright yellow. I felt proud because people would notice me when I would fly down the street at full speed.

I suppose the lesson to be learn from this experience is; place value on what you have regardless of what others may think. One thing I have learned is; other people opinions are not always the best for you.

I have been influenced by others to do or buy something I didn’t want and wasn’t happy with it ever. While it is good to get other opinions at times but before you take their advice remember; their likes and dislikes may not match your own. Even among close friends this will happen.

Something that reveals this is in choosing a mate for life, what meets their needs may not do it for you. Friends and parents always think they know what you need. They don’t want to date her and then proceed to tell you what is wrong with her even though you might feel she is worth getting to know. Once they have vetoed her it is hard to overcome their veto so on you go until…..

Well they will spot something they think is right for you (actually she is what they think they would like to have) and begin to extol all the things that turn them on.

It is important to grow up as soon as possible and be able to make your own decisions because you are the one who has to live with them. Listen to advice, that’s ok; take advice, only when you are comfortable with your decisions.

While my Chrysler couldn't please everyone, I was happy with it, and made the best of the situation I was in. I refused to be discontent just because there were newer, better cars around; I made the most of what I had. Learning to enjoy what you have is better than not enjoying what you don’t have.

If I had let my friends decide whether I should receive Christ as Savior or not I would have missed the best thing that ever happen to me. Even though they thought it was a dumb thing to do at the time, many followed me later.


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