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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The very saying or writing that there is an age of accountability will bring forth a deluge of doctrinal defense by saying there is no such doctrine in the Bible.

Some would say it is just sentimentality without scriptural basis, something to tell bereaved parents upon the death of a child. This if true then Hades is going to have to be enlarged again for millions of children are going there having not accepted Christ as savior, and been baptized and joined the church and on and on depending upon the church belief system.

I don’t mean to belittle or make fun of any church doctrine but you must admit there is a distinct difference in church doctrines.

It is amazing how dogmatic people become when arguing about this subject. They quote their scripture proofs and try to make their points using the sieve technique, meaning it won’t hold water, colloquially speaking.

All these people have a point of view and strange as it may seem so do I and my opinion simply stated is I believe children who have not violated their consciousness of right and wrong according to the scripture will indeed go to heaven.

King David was convinced that his child that died would indeed go to heaven for he said he expected that some day he would join him. He did not mean join him in death for he said I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

To say the unborn, babies, and young children go to Hades upon death would have to be shown upon what basis this happens.

The argument that they have a sin nature and that does them in, means that they are born sinners.

Since I don't believe that, then I should have a reason for what I do believe and that is this. Our Spirits are the issue at hand, not our body, not out soul (mind, will emotions) but our Spirits.

What happens when we get saved? It is our Spirit that becomes a new creation. After I got saved I looked in the mirror and I had the same body that I had before I received salvation. My body didn't change, same nose, same ears same everything. My mind was impacted by the experience but it was still the same one. Inwardly was where the change occurred within, my Spirit was completely made new.

Based upon the fact that it was my Spirit that needed saving and if I was lost before birth then the Spirit that I got from GOD had to be defective, a sinful one.

It is GOD who gives us our Spirit not Adam to conclude that HE is the father of unjust spirits seems to be a wrong conclusion.

You can quote as many scriptures as you want but until you can convince me that this is the way GOD works I will believe that children are born free sin of any sort be it original or unoriginal.

Paul said; I once was alive apart from sin, but when the commandment came, sin revived and I died. What does this mean? It means when I was a child, my Spirit (was not hell bent) was alive unto GOD but when I knew what gods law said about right and wrong I violated that law, sinned and spiritual death fastened upon me and I died spiritually.

That was Paul’s age of accountability. From that point on he knew had a need of the savior.

Somewhere around five or six I arrived at that age myself. I had sinned before that, but until I became aware of the true meaning of right and wrong, I was right in GODS eyes. But afterward I needed salvation real bad. I had felt the HOLY SPIRITS convicting influence without knowing what to do until I heard the word of GOD preached and I accepted salvation at once

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