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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, August 20, 2010


There is a marker in history that only says; a day of infamy.

It was all that and much more. Dec.7, 1941 was the day when the whole world changed. The unthinkable happened. Our military was attacked and WAR began.

For the next few months survival was the key word. We were saved by the great distance, the broad Pacific Ocean which served as a great moat around our castle.

Every thing changed in a moment, new jobs, new inventions, families were changed. Women found that they could do more than house work and raise kids. Everything pointed toward the “War effort.

The war was made up of millions of events of every nature, it changed the family unit and the effects are still being experienced where God’s will is being ignored as if it were an option.

I relate just one of the events (of the millions) that occurred during the conflict.

One of my uncles who qualified as poor, by poor people’s standards, managed to get a ticket from Tennessee to California to get a job in the shipyard. This meant he had to leave his wife there until he could send for her. This meant she had to move back home to her family until then. My Uncle immediately got a job and started to make good money with all the overtime he wanted.

Month after month passed and his wife began to wonder when he was going to send for her. She kept writing asking for the reason why she couldn’t join him. He kept putting her off until she gave finally him an ultimatum either send for her or else.

Whereupon he sent money for her ticket and she arrived safely. As a normal woman she wanted to know “how come, and why.” And what was the reason it took so long for him to send for her. Little by little the truth came out for she had no intention of stopping until she knew it all.

Since I know those who are reading this can fill in the details and don’t need to know the rest, I could just stop here but just in case, and for the benefit of one person who might get it wrong I continue.

As it turned out there was a young, fresh, woman who attracted my uncle and with the time of separation and the massive temptation they became involved. It was surprise, surprise to the young girl who was told “By the way I have a wife who is arriving soon.”  It seemed that uncle had forgot about that until his memory returned. Just to cut this short, as it happened his wife was pregnant and close to birthing and wouldn’t you know it the girlfriend was also pregnant.

Leaving out the scathing details, he worked things out with his wife. The girlfriend had her child and married a guy that was crazy for her regardless of the former events. What happened next will have to wait for another time.

P.S. I saw the girl friends child and she was the spitting image of another girl of his by his wife.

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