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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, August 12, 2010


J. William Fulbright on the arrogance of power in 1968; says - - -

"Power tends to confuse itself with virtue and a great nation is particularly susceptible to the idea that its power is a sign of God's favor, conferring upon it a special responsibility for other nations - to make them richer and happier and wiser, to remake them, that is, in its own shining image. Power confuses itself with virtue and tends also to take itself for omnipotence. Once imbued with the idea of a mission, a great nation easily assumes that it has the means as well as the duty to do God's work."

Anytime arrogant power is in play the peoples rights are not enforceable, and are ignored. Today we are at war with two nations, and are paying for it with money and lives. We have coerced other nations to join us in these costly ventures. We are well on our way to alienate what few friends our nation has. The act of arrogance is the child of an arrogant mentality.

Everyone alive has the potential of manifesting this flaw in the personality.
One can only assume with good reason that Lucifer gave birth to this anti-GOD spirit, and it was part and parcel of his rebellion in heaven. Inflated with his own position and power he became the soul of arrogance and so remains until today and beyond.

The refining process of the believer is for the benefit of the believer.

“The circumcision of the heart is, a right state of soul: ‘a mind and spirit renewed after the image that created it,’ is one of those important truths that can be ‘spiritually discerned”. Wesley.

This speaks of a cutting away of fleshly (carnal) parts and thus purifying the soul.
Arrogance in the church produces elitisms that in turn produce a caste system where there are different levels of beings.

In the early church all things were in common; but now in some cases, vestment separates the body into classes of Christians far removed from the early distinctions of apostle, prophet and so forth. It is the responsibility of each Christian to deny the spirit of arrogance to be manifested in their lives for it profits not the kingdom of GOD.

Suppose GOD was arrogant toward you when you went to the throne of grace, how would you feel? This of course this is unthinkable for ours is a loving GOD at all times.

We are made in HIS image and one of the weights and sins we must set aside for all time, is the spirit of arrogance.

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