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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have used Bob as our example, and have watched as he struggled to rid himself of the old Bob, every vestige of him and his influence, weaknesses, and his un-renewed mind.

In order for Satan to keep us under his influence he must exploit any area that is not fully committed to Christ.

Satan knew the old Bob very well, his past, his friends and how he was likely to respond to different types of stimulus. He hopes by using the same lures and temptations, Bob will still be under his control and Bob is ticked off about that.

Bob’s help comes from the scripture, and he does as advised; “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

It does not say to resist the temptation it says; resist the devil. It doesn’t say argue with him or to ignore him by saying no to the temptation, it says to give him no place in your mind.

Some things require you to put some distance between you and it. I can’t resist Cheetos if they are in arms reach by my TV chair. I must leave them at the store to be safe. Some things you must walk away from. Lay aside every weight and sin, don't fight it, just lay it aside and walk away.

Bob found out that when he got saved he was forgiven and reconciled to GOD, and there is nothing he can do to improve on that, for GOD has done it all. He learned that the old Bob is dead and only the residue of him is left.

In theological terms; when Christ died the old Bob died, when Christ was buried the old Bob was buried, when Christ was raised from the dead, the new Bob was raised from the dead, and when Christ was seated in heaven he was seated in heaven.

Bob now knew that his struggle was not to get right, but to be the man he now is. There is no enmity between him and GOD for that issue is done with. Bob and GOD are in a lasting friendship.

Paul in the book of Romans 6: explains who we are in Christ; “Reckon your self dead unto sin but alive unto Christ.” and having been set free from sin you have become servants of righteousness.

The realization of this can add to “Having peace with GOD” another important step of “Having the peace of GOD. This occurs when the war within our souls is conquered.

Bob realized there was GODS way and Satan’s way, and Satan’s way was a perversion of GOD’S way. GOD’S way was to work and provide for your self. Satan’s way is to rob, cheat and steal. GOD’S way is to speak the truth with wisdom, Satan’s way is to lie and deceive. GOD’S way is to have a wife to enjoy, Satan’s way is to seduce and demean every woman alive.
I found an excellent article on the wiles of the devil. They said it far better than I could.

Paul liked to say finally my brethren; and so I’ll say, finally my brethren use all your energies to discover who you are in Christ. You might say “I already know that.” Perhaps it would be well to look again just to make sure you haven’t missed anything and when you look up, you can say;

I will give thanks to You O Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.

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