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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, August 29, 2010


You must admit, “Hollywood” which stands for the film industry, is bold as a lion.

They champion and pioneer unpopular causes and stay with them until they win.

They promoted women smoking cigarettes especially in the early thirties, and they glorified cigarettes until they had won the nation over.

They preached intolerance about anyone who believed in holding up a moral standard, and they have won that battle; for immorality is preferred over a moral standard in films.

They presented women as being independent, and they produced them providing food, money and lodging for men who didn’t wish to work among other things.

They established the norm for behavior; where it is expected if someone buys you dinner and a drink you’re obligated to have intimacy with them afterward for that is how it is portrayed in the movies.

Their latest and greatest victory is advocating the normalcy of homosexuality.

The movies are controlled by those who are practicing homosexuals they write, produce, finance, act, direct and everything else necessary to produce a movie.

Now as to language it is mandatory for most films to contain coarse and offensive language. It is so very effective to use GOD’S name in vain, the more the better, as Hollywood believes it reinforces the characters impact on the audience.

Hollywood fears nothing. There is nothing they are not willing to champion except one.

The one thing Hollywood trembles at the very thought of doing and that is; using the name of the Muslin god in vain. They fear to use it as a swear word.

There isn’t enough money to get them to do it, for they stand in awe of those words. Why is that the case? It is because they know if they did that, it would cause chaos and destruction in the industry. Not many are willing to lose their lives in order to use that dialogue.

To all those bold and fearless movie producers, might I challenge you to show your metal by defaming the Muslim god as you do JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY and JESUS CHRIST?

The using of GOD’S name in vain will only stop when Christians take the same attitude as the Muslims do about their god.

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