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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Disappearing into the Darkest !
Perhaps you have heard or perhaps not, the story of the treasure that dwells in “The darkest.”

It has been characterized as being the treasure of the Devil and Satan’s treasure house.  Many have sought the riches within the bowels of the earth but none save one has ever returned with any of its wealth.

That person is your narrator, me.

Yes, strange as it seems, I’m the only one out of the thousands who have sought their fortune that have disappeared into the bowels of the earth and returned.

Every few days a new party comes and then disappears either in the jungle of the Darkest or heads back home without telling anyone. I have many parties who come to the jungle and most often they have heard of me.

Somehow I have become known as the person to see before going into the Darkest.

If I can’t avoid them I counsel them to turn around and go home before they lose their lives but not many listen.

My advice only makes it more intriguing and they plunge into the unknown with some guide they picked up along the way.

There are many guides that make a living off of these treasure hunters. They have fanciful tales of great riches and they either abandon them after a day or two or press on and lose their lives along with their party.

It isn’t true that no one has ever survived the Darkest for I survived it and managed to bring out a small fortune besides.

Would I do it again? No, not ever.  It isn’t the about the danger of losing my life it is the fearful entities that are along the way. They reveal how much a person can be fearful of evil. Evil, in its purest form is to be found in the depths of the earth.

By now you are questioning whether or not if I’m in my right mind or delusional but let me assure you that I am sane.

The people who are the next victims of the Darkest have arrived and have been knocking at my door. I suppose I should let them in and try to discourage them from going to their death.

While it is morbid I have begun to sneer at these people when they question the accuracy of my facts of the situation when I know they are going to ignore my advice.

One thing they all come up with is; “If what you say is true where are all the bodies”?

At that point I know I have lost them and I say no more. I could tell them where they are but why should I bother.  If they go they will find out for themselves and in that split second before they join them they will say the old man was right and if they have the time they will add; we should have listened.”

You may wonder; “Is the treasure real and whose is it?”

You aren’t going to believe me but I will go ahead and tell you anyhow. It belongs to the ruler of the underground, the spirit of evil and the wealth is limitless. It is like bait that lures men to their destruction and is little more than a game for the purveyors of evil.

The latest excursion left this morning and they will not be heard from again except there will be a couple of bearers who will drop off early before they get very far into the dark. They will have tales of the unseen and will have a crowd of unbelievers who will sneer at their stories.

It has now been a day and a half since the departure of the last group and by now there is confusion in the camp. Part of them want to turn back but they have lost sense of direction. They can’t get more than two of them to agree which way is back and where they came from. At this point they are encapsulated with fear.

Already interest in great riches has faded and their decent can no longer be slowed. Down, down they go into a place where no human should be found. They are hearing voices that seem so far away but then are like whispers in their ear saying things that strikes fear in their hearts.

No longer do they cling to one another for comfort for the sense of comradelier has faded away. They have no sense as to where they are going it is just keep moving with the hope of coming out of this quagmire of hopelessness.

No longer do they ask themselves why? Why anything for nothing matters at this point, the reason for being has long departed. Tomorrow they will see the treasure far off and their pace will quicken. Just trying to keep up will be the task at hand.

Then the day after they will be on the outskirts of the city where everything that has any meaning is accumulated. This is where dreams that have been stripped from the seekers and are piled up with no access to them. They will stand mute viewing all this wealth and it has no meaning to them.

It is like it doesn’t exist though they can touch it if they desire. They will wander about till one by one they drop off into oblivion… never to be heard from again.

I think I will stop here for your doubts and unbelief are sated with my tale of the Darkest. The fact is I haven’t conveyed but just a part of what they have experienced and you wouldn’t want to know the whole truth of the matter.

But again this is where I usually hear something akin to mocking and at the same time begging me to continue for they wish to have more to ridicule me with.

Well, that being the case maybe I will give you a taste for more.

In the wanderings before their end they experience what evil is and what evil does prior to being manifested on earth. They listen and hear instructions being given to the servants of the master of Sin. It is always prefaced by the words; “Go forth and” then specific orders are included.

They infuse willing subjects with the evil they readily accept. At first they may resist but because their hearts lean in the direction of the sin - - full acceptance is but a moment away.

All of the manifestation of evil originates from down under and the evil is always wrapped in some form of pleasure and like the old saying; “a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down” so also pleasure makes the evil not only acceptable but also desirable.

You ask me what is coming forth today and I say look around you and you will know.

I don’t have to tell you. They now could tell you all about evil if they still existed but alas they are no longer able to express themselves for now they are part of an indistinguishable mass of what was humanity. They neither see nor hear or speak for they can no longer think.

They are laid aside for final judgment in torment. They can only sense the evil that is around them in it’s nearly purest form and the terror is unspeakable.

I should let you wonder how I could have escaped the pit with a handful of the riches I have within my means. Without details I simply state my deliverance was a name. I carried it with me always. I treasured it more than any earthly treasure. It was on my lips where ever I went and no evil came nigh me because of it.

I am here today because of that name and would not be without it. Perhaps you wonder what name could provide such deliverance where I could walk among such evil and not be affected and where you could receive the name for yourself. I’m not going to tell you except to say; “Seek and you shall find it.”



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