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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Chelsea and Sarah had been best friends since grade school. They went everywhere together.
After finishing high school they went to the same college and were roommates. 

They dated a lot while in college but always went out together much to the chagrin of their dates. The romantically incline guys tried every wile they possessed to divide but to no avail.
The girls wouldn’t separate. They had agreed if either one wished to be alone with a guy the other would bow out but so far they weren’t impressed to that degree with the men they had met.

All they could see was little boys wanting to claim trophy’s for their diary.

On the one hand the guys didn’t like to be rejected but they considered it to be a challenge to overcome and be the first to break the duo up.

After college they both got jobs but not at the same firm. This was the first time they had to separate and when guys asked them out it was harder to date together all the time.

They didn’t like that but on occasion they did go solo. Because both worked for large firms and a few of the guys they went to college with also worked at one place or the other. The guys couldn’t get over the fact the girls were still together making it more difficult for guys to get them alone for some romance.

One of the guys had a friend named Zen. He was slick as glycerin when it came to breaking down a girl’s will power. He could do pretty much as he wished with the women he took out.

All the guys got together and watched him operate and were awed by how smooth he was.  They talked for hours about how to get him to take on these two girls. Finally one fellow said Zen has all the women he wants and they are easy marks so it will have to be something besides that to get him to make it with “our girls.”

After several suggestions one came up with the idea of offering him money. Sid had talked to the chap a few times although Zen wasn’t interested in conversing with him.  
The group of young men came up with ten thousand dollars between them and sent Sid over to make Zen an offer. They were willing to give him the entire amount if he could seduce the girls.

It was a lot of money but they figured if they gave in once then they could have a chance with the girls. Sid got Zen’s attention and he went over the whole thing from the early years they had been trying to get to the girls. Sid said you will have to get them apart or it won’t work for they are like glue stuck together.

When Sid finished their plea, Zen asked, “Do you have cash?”

They showed him the money, and he said, “Leave the money and it will as good as done.”

Sid said now remember you will have to separate them.

Zen said, “No I will take both of them at the same time.”

The next day, Zen and Sid went up to the girls during the lunch break, and Zen invited them to go sailing on his sloop. At first they said no but he knew how to overcome objections such as theirs. In the end the girls said, “We will be together and Sid will be there so let’s go.”

At the appointed time the girls showed up and they waited for Sid. After some time Zen said, “We need to catch this tide so we will forget him and go.”

The girls looked at each other and said I don’t know… then said let’s go without him.

He showed them how to release the sloop from its mooring and he started the small engine to get them out of the harbor. Once out of the harbor it was up sail and the tacking began. They were having a wonderful time. He showed them how to steer and let the wind take her.

All the time he was using his charm to make them relax and he gave them some wine.   Soon he pulled into a cove and they had some more wine in the cabin.

They began to feel strange as he went over and locked the cabin door. He began to make advances on each of them and when they refused he told them he had poisoned them. You are just beginning to feel the effects of the poison now.

He said I have an antidote but the only way you can get it from me is to be willing to come to me one at a time. I don’t want to fight with you but if you want to live you will do what I tell you.

He took a vial with some liquid from his pocket and said five drops and you will live but without it you will die. Chelsea grabbed for the vial but he put it in his pocket. As she struggled with him Sarah hit him in the head with a wine bottle and hit him once again.

After he fell they quickly took the vial from him and put the drops into a spoon and took it. They looked at each other and said, “Its only water.”

They went up on deck where there was a breeze blowing. An hour later the effects of the doped up wine wore off and they realized he was lying about the poison. It was his method to get them to give themselves to him as he put it “willingly.”

This angered them and they went back down into the cabin and he was still lying there where they left him. Sarah checked his pulse and there was none. They tried to revive him but it was of no use. He was dead.

They manage to send an S O S and a nearby vessel answered the call. The coast guard and the local police were notified and it was decided that the local police dept would handle the investigation after the sloop was towed back to its mooring.

The whole plan came out how the guys set the girls up and Sid told everything he knew, even about how they arranged for them to leave without him.

The blow had stunned Zen and he struck his head when he fell. The girls were found to not know what they were doing due to the doped wine and they were given no sentence.

After this episode the girls split up and Chelsea went back home and eighteen months later was married to a local gentleman.

Sarah moved east to live with her Aunt. After twenty months she wasn’t married but was engaged.

As for the boys, they were given the obligatory slap on the wrist and that was it.  

The money they gave Zen was never recovered.

It does not pay to mess with “Best Girl friends.”


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