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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, June 6, 2014


This story is Fiction but could happen to most anyone!


The alchemist of teenagery projects a combination of lust and love and creates an image that lasts a lifetime. With rare exception the difference between teenage boys and girls is defined by lust (boys) and love (girls).
When the two are combined the result is “a teenage romance.”  With boys it’s no problem to “Get over it” while with girls it “Lasts for a life time.”

The emotion for girls is transformed into an image of true love by Eros-The god of Love. This love can never be forgotten and seldom be matched by reality. The god of lust comes and goes with bodily chemistry. Both gods demand continued satisfaction and the lack of which results in frustration (for boys) and heart break (for girls).
I hesitate to tell my story because it is so redundant and oft experienced by so many but I have a need to “Get it out” and share it with you!

When I was a junior in high school Chip one of the most popular boys, in the school became friendly with me. He was a senior and I was thrilled that he was interested in me a junior.

He was dating another girl who was a senior but he assured me he only went with her because of his parents insisting on him doing it. His and her parents were friends and they hoped he would marry the girl someday. So he was only doing that to please them.

It wasn’t long after we began to date that he pressured me to have sex with him and when I wouldn’t he said his other girlfriend did and I should if I wanted to keep dating him.

I held out for two weeks but when he didn’t call or come around I relented and did it.  From that time on it was a regular thing and the other boys began making lewd remarks to me as if they knew all about what we were doing.

I told Chip and he said just ignore them for that is just the way teenage boys are. It was humiliating but I tried to pay them no mind for I was the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school.

The other girl he was dating also made unkind remarks to me like slut and whore but I knew it was just because I was dating the boy she thought was her man.

I suppose I should have been jealous of him splitting his time between us but I understood why it had to be like it was.  Her dad was going pay Chip’s way through college and give him a good job when he was finished so I figured a few dates was a cheap way to get an education.

After Chip graduated he entered college and I was in my final year of high school. When he could come home he had to spend most of his time with his other girlfriend but we would slip away for some intimate time together. We never went out together but always had our private moments.

All the last year I didn’t date or go out with any of the boys although several wanted to take me out. After school I got a job and was making my own money and when I could manage it I would visit Chip and we were just like a married couple.

He kept promising to move in with me when he finished school and he got his job with Maribelle’s father’s business.

Those were long and sometimes lonely days while he was away. Finally he graduated and I wanted to go and see him get his diploma but he felt it better if I didn’t come because Maribelle’s family was going to be there.

He returned home but I didn’t get to see him for two weeks. He explained he was busy getting settled in his new job.

At last we got a weekend away to ourselves and he was needing me badly. We stayed in mostly for he didn’t want to be seen with me because Maribelle was planning her wedding with Chip.

I questioned him about that and he assured me he wasn’t about to marry her for he loved me. There was one thing about Chip, no matter what things looked like he could always clear them up for me.  It was getting harder for us to find time for ourselves even though I had moved out and had my own place.

Then it happened. The newspaper had the picture of Maribelle and Chip with the wedding announcement in two weeks.  Chip wasn’t answering his phone and I couldn’t get hold of him.

One of his friends told me he was away preparing for the big day. There wasn’t going to be a big day, Chip promised me. The wedding day came and I went to the church to see Chip and they wouldn’t let me in.  They said if I made a ruckus they would have me arrested.

I just sat across from the church and watched them leave the church on their honeymoon. I was too stunned to cry.

I tried to reason it out.  Surely Chip would explain it when he returned.  The next three weeks were torture waiting for his return.

After he was back I managed to get him on the phone and asked him how could he do this to me after all we had meant to each other. He said could we meet and he would explain.

We met at an old house in the woods where we used to meet and have sex. When he saw me he started in like he always did and I let him do what he wanted to. He explained the situation as we made love and said I was the only one he ever loved and as soon as he was fixed he would divorce Maribelle and marry me.

That satisfied me and I felt superior to Maribelle at that moment. She had his name but I had his heart. The next months we continued to meet but when I would see them together he seemed perfectly content to be with her. Gradually I realized he had no intention to divorce his wife for it would have meant he would lose his job.

After a year I moved away to a large city and got a good job and made friends.

I met a nice man named Ashton and we went out often. I didn’t have feelings for him but a date with him meant a free lunch and he didn’t try to make a move on me like all the other men I dated did.

A year passed and he took me out to a romantic restaurant and during dinner he asked me to marry him. I was surprised, so much so I told him I would have to think about it, he said okay he wasn’t going anywhere. After a week of thinking and discussing it with my girlfriends they convinced me I wasn’t going to do any better so I said yes.

We were married in a simple ceremony and he was only the second man I ever had.  The times of intimacy weren’t exciting like with Chip but I pretended it was great. Actually as I thought about it wasn’t that exciting with Chip a lot of the time. 

The days, weeks, months, and years came and went. And after twelve years we had two children.  My life was dull and my girlfriend’s lives were boring also.

I had been in touch with Bonnie one of my friends in the home town and she said Chip had been asking about me. He kept after me until I gave him your Email address so watch out for a note from him. Your husband might not understand or maybe he would.

My first Email from him said simply; Are you happy? Those were magic words but made me want to scream “Hell no, I’m not happy” so I answered and said; it is good to hear from you.

The next Email from him said I have missed you and would like to see you. It didn’t take long to get down to the stuff he really wanted to talk about and we arranged to meet in his hotel’s restaurant. He said I have a room if you would like to come up and visit for a while.

The next three hours brought back old memories and the excitement returned as we pleasured each other. He told me that he and Maribelle were divorced and her father fired him when he found out he had been playing around.

He was in town with the promise of a job. It wasn’t as good as the former one but it would pay the bills. He said he wanted me and he wanted to fulfill the promise he made to marry me years ago. I was taken captive by the smooth talk he laid on me.

Two timing but too blind to see!
I divorced my husband and Chip and I lived together until the divorce was final. Then I found out he was cheating on me. He moved out and moved in with the young thing he was cheating with.

I just go to work and come home now. About once a month I go over and see the kids for a few minutes. A few minutes is all I can stand with them for the memory of what I gave up is too painful.

My oldest asked if I would like to meet their new mom. I was shocked for I didn’t know he had remarried. My child went and got my ex's new wife and I almost passed out.  It was my friend from home Bonnie.

So many questions were going through my mind. My Ex, Ashton appeared and said perhaps a word of explanation is in order. All of our married life I knew you were not fully committed to me.

After twelve years I decided to find out why. I went to your folks place and they introduced me to Bonnie. She told me the whole story about you and Chip.

I decided to either put an end to your fantasies about this phony you’re so mad about or end our marriage. I tried to win you over but sad to say I failed.  When he got caught with several other women he lied to Maribelle but her father wasn’t taken in by his smooth talk and he fired him plus he ran him out of the business he was in and no one would hire him.

I had Bonnie give him your Email address and you know the rest. She and I fell in love while this was going on and just got married. The kids love her and she loves them.

As I turned to leave Bonnie said, "I want to thank you for giving me the finest husband a gal could ever want.  It is too bad you didn’t know what you had."

So there you have it. My boo-hoo story. I hope my experiences have hardened me enough to live out the rest of my life without the pain of deception.

Yes I know, I fell for it more than once and will probably allow deception back in again. If he came back I would pout a little and then with open arms welcome him back because I can’t tell the difference between what’s real and just the image of reality.

I had true love once but threw it away for the shadow of unreality. Now you my listener, are you waiting with desire for those magic words, “ARE you happy?”

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